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Alone (Crushed by your lies)

You'll never know

Night flight (dance remix)

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Alone (Crushed By Your Lies)


Project Silence

Project Silence is a formation from Kuopio, Finland. It was started by Delacroix as a solo project in 2008, with the idea to make aggrotech based music with an addition of metal and industrial. Delacroix released his first demos online and received positive response from listeners around the world.

Later in 2008 the project acquired three new members: Silve_R (drums), J (guitar) and Mr. Sanderz (guitar). In January 2012 a fifth band member joined, bass player Sturmpanzerjäger.

In December 2012 the band released their first full-length album titled 424. The album was recorded in Astral Studio in Tampere, Finland.

In December 2013, Project Silence released a 2-track CD single. They are planning to release their second album this year (2015).

Website of Project Silence

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