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BAMIL On Ourstage 'Hot Songs'

By: Bamil (Artist on ReverbNation)

'Canciones De Domingo' (Sunday Songs) from CD 'H34RT + 50UL' (2015) Reached #3 On The Ourstage Rock And Pop (Spanish) 'Hot Songs' Chart for October 20th, 2016.  

'Canciones De Domingo' has been 11 consecutives Times between Latin Music and Rock and Pop (Spanish) Top 40 Chart also three times #1 'Hot Songs'.
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1 The Strands
The river

2 Moscato

3 Rock City Seven
Rock city angels

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The river
Song of the Week: The Strands - The river
The Strands is a band from Santa Monica, US, fronted by British soul singer-songwriter Amanda Campbell. The Strands call their genre artisanal, and their lyrics are thoughtful and provocative.

Richard Green is the lead guitarist of The Strands. He studied music at Cal State University Los Angeles with renowned saxophone and flute player, Buddy Collett. He has also toured and recorded with The Whispers. Susan Ferrari is the keyboardist, songwriter and backing vocalist. Paul, the bass player, is the founder of the band and formed The Strands in 2011.

When they play in Los Angeles and when the band is recording, drummer Lance Tamanaha accompanies the band too. Lance graduated in music composition at Northwestern University. At the New England Conservatory she began her mastery of contemporary improvisation.

The Strands have released two albums, Entanglement in 2015 and Rough out There this year, both available on CDBaby.

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