Vote for your favourite song

On this page you can vote for your favorite song played in our latest edition of TalentCast (December 8 2017 / Edition 437). The song that gets the most votes will become our next Song of the Week.

Visit this page for more information about the rules of the game.

This voting round ends in:
Julia Marcell
Ministerstwo mojej glowy
Benny Mayhem
Farewell (I'm not coming home)
The missing song
My sweet monk grandad
Emma Black
Bad girl
Daniel Roure
Le temps d'un jazz
The Flowered Gnomes
All bark, no bite
John Pagano Band
Make you shout
Rock City Seven
Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society
Truth, consequences & me
The ripper
Ac(e) G
Black magic
Play with fire
Charts Top 3
1 Amanda Campbell and Kevin T. Williams
Picking up the pieces

2 Franka De Mille
Come on

3 Lee-Leet
Would you call my name