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The pearl

Take all you want

On this page you can vote for your favorite song played in our latest edition of TalentCast (April 17 2015 / Edition 332). The song that gets the most votes will become our next Song of the Week.

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The morning after

Thinking of you

Should've been here by now

On the horizon

You really got me going

Lost inside (live at P3 Purmerend)


Deep under

Attitude decayed

Frankenfoot vs. the Stinkmeat in 3F

Song of the Week



Katie Thompson

Katie Thompson started her music career like many other aspiring singers-songwriters: by participating in music competitions and performing at shows and fairs in her home country, New Zealand.

When in August 2008 she signed up on Sellaband, she started finding also international fans. Too impatient to wait till she reached her funding target, she released her debut album Tall Poppy in 2009. Soon after that, luck came her way when Rabobank in New Zealand decided to sponsor independent artists. For one month, Katie's devoted fans from all over the world voted for her every day and Katie won the prize, which was added to her recording budget on Sellaband. After that, she raised the remaining sum with rocket speed and, with $50,000, had to soon start songwriting for the second album.

Katie decided to record her new album in England, with the help of the well-known producer Greg Haver. Impossible was released in 2011, with Good As Gold, accompanied by a music video, as the first single. Katie got a special chance to promote her album when in November 2011 she got to open for Elton John in Dunedin.

In 2013 Katie Thompson released her live EP Moving On, recorded at Quicksand Studios.

Website of Katie Thompson


Song of the Week


Katie Thompson

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