Playlist Dec 7 2018
Speak low (live recording)
Shjazz is a jazz band from Groningen, the Netherlands, fronted by Sharon Doelwijt. "Speak Low" is a track from their second and newest album "Off The Record", which was released in April 2018, and live recorded at Le petit théâtre in Groningen. On December the 22nd Shjazz will give a Christmas concert at Le petit théâtre. Then they will play Christmas covers as well as their own original songs. The details about this event are posted our gigs and events page.
Suzanne Aurore
L'étoile endormie dans tes yeux
Jazz singer-songwriter Suzanne Aurore from Paris started to perform in 2004 in an 8-piece band. Since 2013 she has been performing solo and has released an 11-track album, titled "Le torrent".
Julie Lamb
Why do I forget
"Why do I forget" is a track from Julie Lamb's fourth and latest album "Ordinary Days". She is from Wellington, New Zealand, describes her music as funky pop rock, and records and performs together with her band. Julie is also active in the local music community of Wellington, running music events and choirs.
Merlot Embargo
Let the light in
"Let the light in" is a Christmas song by indie, Americana, soul and pop duo Merlot Embargo from Los Angeles.
Christmas angel's song
"Christmas angel's song" is an original Christmas song from Espoo, Finland with lyrics inspired by Catself's Polish origin. If you are in the Netherlands, you can see how Catself performs this song live together with many of her other original songs, because she is touring the country at the moment. You will find the list with her upcoming events on her website
Mysti Mayhem
Boxcars and wine
Mysti Mayhem is a vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist from North Carolina. "Boxcars and wine" is a track from her album "Diversity". This album was funded by her fans via crowdfunding and released in 2008. Also she has some upcoming shows. These are posted on her Facebook page.
Tassos Sotirakis
Mona Lisa
"Mona Lisa" is an instrumental track by musician and actor Tassos Sotirakis from Athens, Greece. He composes music for films, performs, and is a teacher.
Song of the Week
Lori Greco
Tu lo sai
Independent musician Johan Rajala writes and produces his music in his home studio, which is based in Göteborg, Sweden. There he runs his solo ambient, electronica and alternative pop/rock project, named TuneConcept. "M.direction" is one of the songs he made there.
Trinity Yard
Trinity Yard is the indie, rock and electronic project of Lionardo Mendonça and Igor Danilovic from Zürich in Switzerland. Since some years it's very quiet around this duo.
Thom Lourim
Thom Lourim lives in Baltimore and writes that music helped him to deal with a broken home and never seeming to fit anywhere. He started his musical career with performing and recording in various bands. In those years he also struggled, and covered his pain with alcohol and drugs. Thom left music in 2004, gave up alcohol and drugs, and became a Christian. After being homeless for 5 years he resumed his music career and collaborated with various musicians. In 2013 he started this solo project.
Victoria amour
Rui-gen is a project from Mansfield, the United Kingdom. Most of the time he produces and records his music solo, sometimes he recruits singers.
Hackmonocut is a band from Austria. Last year, drummer Manuel left the 4-piece band, but after a break of 3 months the other 3 members started rehearsing again. Now they are again quiet for some time already. "Homeland" is a song they recorded when they were still a complete band.
Ronn van Etten
Ronn van Etten is a self-taught musician from the Netherlands. He plays in several bands as well as solo. In 1995 he released his debut album. Since then he has released several more albums and some singles, in English as well as in the Dutch language. "Fear" is a track from Ronn's newest album, titled "Waves", released October 2018, and available on iTunes, CDBaby and ReverbNation.
The Forevers
Say goodbye
"Say goodbye" is a track from the album "High Noon" by the sister-brother duo of singer-songwriters and music producers Natalia Safran and Mikolaj Mick Jaroszyk from Poland, living in Los Angeles.
Our regular listeners might have noticed that for a long time just a few new artists and bands have joined TalentCast. Although our independent music podcast attracts still quite many listeners via podcast websites, our website is hidden away in search engines, which is the main reason why many artists and bands don't discover our project. Because of this I have decided to pause the weekly podcasts for a while, until I have fixed this issue.

I still have some very nice tunes in the TalentCast archive and some new tracks which were sent by our artist members. You will hear some of these today. Among them are 2 Christmas songs, because within 3 weeks it's Christmas already. 2018 has gone very fast.

Because this is the last podcast for the upcoming time, there is no voting, so relax and just enjoy the music.

I will start in my home town Groningen with a jazz band which joined TalentCast last autumn.

TalentCast will be back in the new year.

I wish you a merry Christmas and of course a happy, healthy and musical 2019.
Song of the Week
Lori Greco
Tu lo sai
Musician, singer and songwriter Lori Greco was born in Vico Equense, a small town just out of Naples (Italy). At the age of 3, she moved to Australia with her family.

Until her teens Lori grew up listening to classical music and didn't hear much pop music. She got inspired by the piano at the age of 7 when her music teacher played the piano at school. Soon after her parents bought her a piano, she started studying. She studied for many years and continued until she graduated with two university degrees at the conservatory of Adelaide. Nowadays she is a piano tutor herself, hoping to inspire her students too.

In 2007 Lori Greco released her 12-track debut album, titled Waiting. She chose this title because she waited all her live to record an album, and now she finally did it. Six years later Lori released a second album, titled No Ordinary Girl. She could make this album with the use of real instruments, because it was crowdfunded with the help of 412 fans. The album has 13 tracks and the songs contain elements of pop, jazz, blues, country, dance, disco and funk.
Charts Dec 7 2018
Lori Greco
Tu lo sai
Hold on
Let me be
Mary Confurius
Have a heart
NRG Rising
From darkness to light