Playlist Nov 30 2018
Like an animal
Moarn is an electronic, downtempo and chill-out solo project from Barcelona, Spain. This spring he released his newest album, titled "Six". "Like an animal" is a track from his album titled "Five", which was released in spring 2017. The vocals in Moarn's songs are done by guest vocalists.
Lori Greco
Tu lo sai
Lori Greco was born in Italy and since the age of 3 she has lived in Australia. This is a song in Italian from her album "No Ordinary Girl". The song title "Tu lo sai" means You know it.
NRG Rising
From darkness to light
NRG Rising is a female reggae band from New Zealand. This song is the title track of their album "From Darkness To Light". If you are in New Zealand, you can see them live on Saturday the 8th. NRG Rising will be performing in Huntly. You will find the details of this event on our gigs and events page.
Inner peace fix
Singer-songwriter Kalika lives in Liverpool. She describes her music as jazzy-good conscience-rhythmical folk that will uplift anyone's day. You will find this song on her album "And A Little Bit Of Chutney...".
Let me be
I play the new Belgian and Dutch duo Benepact for the first time on TalentCast. "Let me be" is their first release. They describe this song as a mix of house, indie dance and a drop of techno.
Song of the Week
Poison clan
Ellie Williams
Ellie Williams is singer-songwriter from England. Nowadays she records and performs as a duo with Dave Ankers. "Hope" is the title track of her second album, from the time when she still performed solo.
Rosa Sky
You're so distant
Dutch indie pop band Rosa Sky is from Zwolle, the Netherlands. The band was formed in 2008 and has released 3 albums. You won't find "You're so distant" on these albums, because Rosa Sky released it as a single.
Mary Confurius
Have a heart
Dutch singer-songwriter Mary Confurius likes to mix light and dark in her songs. In that grey area she translates the things she gets to hear and feel. Her lyrics are intimate, and she accompanies herself on the guitar. "Have a heart" is a track from Mary's independently released album "The Other".
Martin van de Vrugt
No summer
"No summer" for sure isn't a song about the beautiful summer of 2018. Martin van de Vrugt is a singer-songwriter from Deventer, the Netherlands who started playing 38 years ago. He accompanies himself on acoustic guitar and on harmonica. Next Saturday, December 9, Martin van de Vrugt will perform in his home town at the "Muziek bij de buren" festival. The details of this event are posted on his Facebook page.
Hold on
This is solo project Ralphe from Auckland, New Zealand. "Hold on" is a track from his "Departure Lounge EP". Next to this project he runs another project, named This Flight Tonight. In This Flight Tonight, Ralphe records and performs together with guest musicians.
La Strange
La Strange is the project of rock singer and songwriter Angela Castelani from Italy. "Goodbye" is a track from her "Voices – EP".
Rest in peace
"Rest in peace" is a track from Mortice's album "Mayhem", which was released at the beginning of 2011. The classic rock project Mortice was founded by John O'Leary and Billy Rankin. They independently released this album together with Bernie Shaw, Kenny Cobain, Steve White and Alan Shipman.
In this week's podcast I will play downtempo, singer-songwriters, jazz, rap and some rock. One of the songs is by a newcomer to TalentCast. It's a new collaboration between a Belgian and a Dutch artist.

Quite a few votes came in last week. In about 20 minutes you will hear which song is most appreciated by our listeners of last week and is our new Song of the Week.

I will start with an electronic, downtempo and chill-out solo project from Barcelona, Spain.
Song of the Week
Poison clan
Daybreak, aka the Rap Assassin is the hip-hop and rap project of Jesse Day from Vancouver. The majority of his music career Jesse has lived and performed in Asia.

In China Jesse toured with with many different Chinese musicians, was brand ambassador for the Swiss fashion brand Strellson, and made a soundtrack for Beijing's Travel TV.

After Daybreak's adventures in China, he moved to Seoul city in South Korea where he studied Korean hip-hop and learned to rap fluently in Korean. There he performed on the stage of the popular Korean programme Star King, hosted several TV programmes, and released Spice Fight, the first original song in history to feature a foreigner rapping in Korean.

In 2017 Daybreak moved back to Vancouver to focus solely on his hip-hop music career. There he released 3 singles from which Poison clan is his newest release. The song was produced by Retrobeats from Greece and the song concept originates from the 1978 Kung Fu film Five Deadly Venoms.
Charts Nov 30 2018
Poison clan
Devon Shom
Mack Meadows
Just so you know
Annie Bacon
The baby suite
Hand in hand
Step by step
Franka De Mille
Lil TaRus
Do me like that
Syndrom Kreta