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TalentCast is an independent music radio programme. We have been broadcast since 2007 and in this time have grown from a few dozen listeners on one internet radio station to four radio stations (two FM and two on the internet) and several thousand listeners. Our partner radio stations are Ede FM, Deventer Radio, Universe Radio and Fame Music Radio.

Apart from making a radio programme, we host album listening sessions, feature music videos and provide a platform for sharing gigs and events, which are posted by artists and their fans.

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Lennie Boycott

Free Download Ampia Vista's "No Way Out"

Posted by: Ampia Vista (Artist on ReverbNation)

Dear listeners,

you can download Ampia Vista's track "No Way Out" 4 FREE @ LAST FM!


Cheers, Ampia Vista

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Artists we play in this week's edition:

Franka De Mille: Franka De Mille describes the style of her music as acoustic-baroque-folk which bridges many influences and traditions. She grew up in Paris, but has lived most of her life in London. She has released her debut album "Bridge the Roads" in 2010.

JoosTVD: JoosTVD stands for Joos(t) The Vanished Dutchman. He started as a drummer, then played in several bands. Nowadays he has his own project and has released 10 albums so far.

Gabby Young & Other Animals: Gabby Young & Other Animals is a 9-piece band from London. So far they have released 3 albums, "We're All In This Together" (2009), "The Band Called Out For More" (2012) and "One Foot In Front Of The Other" (2014). They are working on the fourth one.

Alex Highton: Alex Highton is a singer-songwriter from the UK, who plays gentle folk songs on his guitar. In 2011 he released his debut album "Woodditton Wives Club". In 2014 he released "Nobody Knows Anything" for which he is receiving good ratings and reviews.

Ve ro: Ve ro is the project of self-taught singer-songwriter Vero Shatkovskey from Toruń, Poland. She started to write, sing and to play instruments at the age of 6. Her lyrics tell real stories. Currently she is raising funds for her debut album.

Inge: Inge is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. The style of her music is described as easy listening, sometimes with a poppy or jazzy touch. She has released 2 albums, "I See You" in 2010 and "Heaven Knows" in 2013, both were funded by her fans.

Ampia Vista: Ampia Vista is a solo-project from Italy. He has been making music for a long time, still before the first internet music sites. His songs combine different styles, from simple pop songs to more complex rock.

KEPLER Junction: KEPLER Junction is the project of Graham and Kevin from Plymouth, Devon in the UK. They have played together since early 2012.

Chabliz: Chabliz is a 4-piece band from The Hague, the Netherlands. They have released 2 albums (1 live album and 1 studio album). Both have received very good reviews in both Dutch and foreign press. In 2015 they are planning to release their third album.

Radaid: Radaid is a fusion music group from Mexico, formed in 1998. They merge music and instruments from different parts of the world, for example India, China, Middle East, Mexico, Africa and the Balkans. So far they have released 4 albums.

IdiotHead: Rap and rock band IdiotHead from Wrocław, Poland is the continuation of the band CO.IN, formed in 2012.

Project Silence: Project Silence is a project is from Kuopio in Finland. This project was formed in 2008 by Delacroix on the idea to make aggrotech based music with a mix of metal and industrial. This started as a solo-project, nowadays it is a 5-person project.

J. Whitman: J. Whitman is from Los Angeles, California. He released his first single, "Metro" in 2007 which was nominated in 2009 for an "Independent Music Award" in the category "Best Dance Song". In 2012 he released his debut album, titled "Full Spectrum".

Asylum Bedlam: Asylum Bedlam is a 5-piece band from Vodice, Croatia, formed in 2007. They describe their music as dark and energetic with electronic influences. Their genre is a mix of metal, industrial and gothic.

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You Know The Game



Inge is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands who grew up with music and drama. At the age of 15 she started to write songs and learned to play piano and guitar. The style of her music is described as easy listening, sometimes with a poppy or jazzy touch.

Inge has released two albums, "I See You" in 2010 and "Heaven Knows" in 2013, both were funded by her fans.

Inge performs with her band:

Inge (piano, vocals, songwriting)
Edwin van Vlierden (drums)
Bas Matthijsse (bas)
Stoffel Biesterbosch (toetsen, backing vocals)
Jens Kole (gitaar)

Website of Inge


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