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Alone (Crushed by your lies)

You'll never know

Night flight (dance remix)

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Dream Whispers by

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Dream Whispers


Evija Vēbere

2 the Koniac Net shows in BHUTAN

Posted by: the Koniac Net (Artist on ReverbNation)

We [the Koniac Net] are playing TWO shows in BHUTAN this week.

1. MOJO PARK: February 18th (11:00pm).

2. Bhutan International Music Festival: February 19th (5:00pm).

** Festival main site: http://bhif.org/ **

This is a FREE 10-day festival. No tickets need to be purchased.

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Artists we play in this week's edition:

Ranoc: Ranoc is a duo from Poland, started in 2002. They do not like main stream music and focus a lot on the lyrics. Sadly they split up about 3 years ago. Now they have separate music projects.

Angie & The Stray Tones: Angie & The Stray Tones is a 5-piece boogie band from Scotland.

Keko Yoma: Keko Yoma is a 5-piece band from Chile who combine rock, ska, Latin rhythms, comedy theater and several typical American and Australian instruments. This combination is wild, crazy and very much fun.

Kailyarders: Kailyarders are from White Rock, Canada. The band consists of the former members of Three Row Barley. Recently they have started this Celtic folk band and are currently in the studio mixing their first EP, which they want to release this spring.

The Village: The Village is from the UK. This is the project of guitarist and songwriter Phil Matthews, who has been writing and recording for over 25 years now.

June Caravel: June Caravel is a vocal explorer from France, but in the past few years she has travelled a lot. She moved to the UK, then to Australia and Germany. Since October 2014 she has been living and performing back in France. She has released 2 albums.

Kardemimmit: Kardemimmit is a folk music band from Finland of 4 young ladies who play the kantele, a typical Finish instrument. They released 3 albums: "Viira" in 2006, "Kaisla" in 2009 and "Autio Huvila" in 2012. This spring they will realease their 4th album.

Katy & The Escort Orchestra: Katy & The Escort Orchestra are from Switzerland. They describe their genre as sparkling soul. Their lyrics tell true and fictional stories. They released their debut album "Same Old Game" in 2013. Recently they released a new single, titled "Fire".

Elise Azevedo: Elise Azevedo is from Portugal. She has recorded 2 albums so far, a double CD "Afflicted" in 2006 and a single CD "Sugarless" in 2008. The style of her music is a mix of jazz, fusion and folk.

The Symptoms: The Symptoms started to perform and record songs in their converted cow shed in 2001 and are still going strong. This is the project of Mr. and Mrs. Symptom from Lunedale in the UK.

Monika Rahabi: Monika Rahabi is a 2-person electronic music project from Olsztyn, Poland, started in 2010.

Wildcat: Wildcat is a 1-person electronic music project from Göttingen, Germany. She describes her genre as "dramatic undergroundsound". She has released 1 album, titled "Desolate Enigma". Currently she is recording her second album.

Project Silence: Project Silence is a project is from Kuopio in Finland. This project was formed in 2008 by Delacroix on the idea to make aggrotech based music with a mix of metal and industrial. This started as a solo-project, nowadays it is a 5-person project.

Francis Voignier: Francis Voignier comes from France but now he lives in Northern California. At the age of 5 he declared that he was destined to become a renowned pianist. That didn't happen, but he has played in many bands and composed and recorded a lot of music.

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Song of the Week

Alone (Crushed By Your Lies)


Project Silence

Project Silence is a formation from Kuopio, Finland. It was started by Delacroix as a solo project in 2008, with the idea to make aggrotech based music with an addition of metal and industrial. Delacroix released his first demos online and received positive response from listeners around the world.

Later in 2008 the project acquired three new members: Silve_R (drums), J (guitar) and Mr. Sanderz (guitar). In January 2012 a fifth band member joined, bass player Sturmpanzerjäger.

In December 2012 the band released their first full-length album titled 424. The album was recorded in Astral Studio in Tampere, Finland.

In December 2013, Project Silence released a 2-track CD single. They are planning to release their second album this year (2015).

Website of Project Silence

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