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Videoclip of the Month for April 2015:
When Anybody Laughs by

Videoclip of the Month:

When Anybody Laughs


Annie Bacon

tKN on IRELAND's The Fluffy Noise

Posted by: the Koniac Net (Artist on ReverbNation)

Our [the Koniac Net] "One Last Monsoon" album is STILL going strong!
"Anesthetic & the Withdrawal" is being featured on Dublin, IRELAND's The Fluffy Noise... in the same playlist as Primal Scream !!!!!!

+ http://thefluffynoise.tumblr.com/post/117241231162/joey-gavin-24-04-15 +

I received a message from them saying: "You sound like the The Smashing Pumpkins."
This just made my entire month of April & May.

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Artists we play in this week's edition:

Saint Nicholas Orchestra (Orkiestra Św. Mikołaja): Saint Nicholas Orchestra (Orkiestra Św. Mikołaja) is one of the oldest folk bands in Poland. The band was formed in 1988 when there was no interest in Polish traditional folk music. Since then it has been said, they have invented Polish folk music.

Ceilí Moss: Ceilí Moss is a 6-piece Celtic music band from Namur, Belgium! The band was formed in 1994, so far they have released 4 albums.

Keko Yoma: Keko Yoma is a 4-piece band from Santiago, Chile who combine rock, ska, Latin rhythms, comedy theater and several typical American and Australian instruments. This combination is wild, crazy and very much fun.

June Caravel: June Caravel is a vocal explorer from France, but in the past few years she has travelled a lot. She moved to the UK, then to Australia and Germany. Since October 2014 she has been living and performing back in France. She has released 2 albums.

Writersday: Writersday is the solo project of singer-songwriter Sjoerd Hoogma from Amsterdam. His poetic and direct lyrics take the listener into the small and large issues of life. He records in his own analogue home studio and tours a lot in the Netherlands.

Inge: Inge is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. The style of her music is described as easy listening, sometimes with a poppy or jazzy touch. She has released 2 albums, "I See You" in 2010 and "Heaven Knows" in 2013, both were funded by her fans.

Misses Nilsson: Misses Nilsson is a folk pop project from Deventer, the Netherlands. The project was started in 2012. They say that the songs they make reflect the stories taken from real life. In 2015 they have released their debut album, titled "Keeping It Quiet".

Katy & The Escort Orchestra: Katy & The Escort Orchestra are from Switzerland. They describe their genre as sparkling soul. Their lyrics tell true and fictional stories. They released their debut album "Same Old Game" in 2013. Recently they released a new single, titled "Fire".

Alexx Calise: Alexx Calise is a singer, guitarist and songwriter from Los Angeles. Next to making music, she is also doing some acting jobs.

Lennie Boycott: Lennie Boycott is a 4-piece band from Silesia, the south-western part of Poland. At the moment they are fundraising for the recording and promotion of their debut album.

Vadiamo: Vadiamo is a singer-songwriter from Omsk in the Russian Federation who started writing songs at the age of 13. He likes to study foreign languages and has studied English, French, Spanish and Italian. He released his debut EP in 2013.

Lunic: Lunic is the solo project of singer-songwriter, electronic musician, and multi-instrumentalist Kaitee Page, originally from New York, currently based in Dallas, Texas. So far she has relesed 3 albums "Skeletons", "Lovethief" and "Future Sex Drama".

Monikker: Monikker is from Austin, Texas. She started recording her first song in a friend's basement during high school and writes that her music is for fans of underground rap.

Howling Owl: Howling Owl is a new 2-person project of Evija Vēbere from Latvia and one of her band members, Lav Kovač from Serbia. Both are finishing studies at Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen. The music is a mixture of pop, jazz, minimalism and indie.

Lady Citizen: Lady Citizen is the project of Jun Fukanaga. She is a DJ/producer who grew up in Japan and moved to London in 2011.

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Lennie Boycott

Lennie Boycott is a 4-piece band from Silesia, the south-western part of Poland. At the moment they are fundraising for the recording and promotion of their debut album.

The band:
_Ewa Mancewicz (vocals, lyrics, piano)
_Witold "Witt" Kornaś (piano, synthesizer, other instruments, arrangement)
_Olek Piotrowski (bass)
_Łukasz Korczyk (drums)

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Song of the Week


Lennie Boycott

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