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TalentCast is an independent music radio programme. We have been broadcast since 2007 and in this time have grown from a few dozen listeners on one internet radio station to four radio stations (two FM and two on the internet) and several thousand listeners. Our partner radio stations are Ede FM, Deventer Radio, Universe Radio and Fame Music Radio.

Apart from making a radio programme, we host album listening sessions, feature music videos and provide a platform for sharing gigs and events, which are posted by artists and their fans.

TalentCast is not a company or foundation; it is a voluntary, non-commercial project set up and run by people who want to help independent music be discovered.

All independent artists and bands are welcome to send us music for airplay. Read here about how you can do it, and why you should!

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Lennie Boycott

tKN on Indie Radio Canada

Posted by: the Koniac Net (Artist on ReverbNation)

I had no idea, but "Rose Coloured Glasses" & "Chasing After You" have been playing on CANADA's Indie Radio Canada since 2014!

They are still supporting our [the Koniac Net] music.

+ Do please support this indie station by tuning in:
http://www.indieradiocanada.com/ +


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Artists we play in this week's edition:

Elise Azevedo: Elise Azevedo is from Portugal. She has recorded 2 albums so far, a double CD "Afflicted" in 2006 and a single CD "Sugarless" in 2008. The style of her music is a mix of jazz, fusion and folk.

Suzanne Aurore: Suzanne Aurore is a singer-songwriter from Paris, France. She often plays together with her 4-piece jazz band.

Elizabeth Geyer: Elizabeth Geyer is from Australia and has released 3 albums, "The Dream", "Elizabeth Geyer" and "On Patrol With The Jazz Police". She is not only a singer and composer, she also plays the piano, trumpet and flugelhorn.

FEW: FEW is a folk and jazz trio from Finland. So far they have released one album. Line-up: Franka Oroza, Elsa Sihvola and Wilja Rosenberg

Heidi McCaffrey: Heidi McCaffrey is a singer-songwriter from London. In 2013 she released her 11-track debut album "Come On In All" which was recorded in The Raunch Studio in Greenford, London.

North-Going Zax: North-Going Zax is from Boston, US. This is the 2-person indie rock project of Matthew Otto on vocals and rhythm guitar, and Jeff Poliseno on bass, formed in the beginning of 2013. They have released a 4-track EP.

Clive Barratt: Singer-songwriter Clive Barratt comes from Blackburn, Lancashire, England. Nowadays he lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. In October 2014 he has released his debut album "Wall of Storms", funded online by his fans, produced by Rob Begg.

Absolon: Absolon is a symphonic/goth power metal band from Orlando, Florida. They combine old school European metal with todays contemporary symphonic/goth power metal. In 2013 they released their debut album, "Darkness Rising: The Tale of Derek Blackheart".

Steorrah: Steorrah is a 4-piece progressive death metal band from Germany. They have released 2 albums: "An Eroticism In Murder" in 2010 and "Thin White Paint" in spring 2015.

Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian ft. Gahlina Ivanova: Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian is from Greece. He got his post-grad degree at the Trinity College of Music in London and has played in several bands in Greece and Canada. Nowadays he mostly writes songs featuring female vocals.

Martin Del Carpio: Martin Del Carpio is an electronic composer from New York. He has released 6 albums, "In Absentia", "Pequeno Pionero", "Tropic of Capricorn", "Godard", "X" and "Lost Illusions: A Retrospective".

Neon Legion: Neon Legion is a new wave / indie rock band, formed by Philip Kurt Kressin in 2009. The band consists of varying artists from London, Frankfurt, New York, Buenos Aires and Toronto. They released their 11-track self titled debut album in 2013.

Thurkills Vision: Thurkills Vision is a 5-piece alternative/metal band from Lowell, Massachusetts, formed in 2006. They released their debut EP, titled "For the Sleeping" in 2011. Currently they are working on their debut album, titled "The Light".

KONTRUST: KONTRUST is a 6-piece rock band from Austria, formed in 2001. They have released 4 albums so far, "Welcome Home", "Time To Tango", "Second Hand Wonderland" and "Explositive".

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Song of the Week

Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian ft. Gahlina Ivanova

Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian is from Greece. He got his post-grad degree at the Trinity College of Music in London and has played in several bands in Greece and Canada.

Nowadays Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian mostly writes songs featuring female vocals. In February 2015 he released a new album with these songs. The album is titled The Truth? What Truth?. You can get it on iTunes and CD Baby.

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