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By: Yossarian Malewski (Artist on SoundCloud)

Yossarian Malewski
For all the Friends On Mongrel Label www you find all my records. I invite y... Read more
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TalentCast is an independent music radio programme. We have been broadcast since 2007 and in this time have grown from a few dozen listeners on one internet radio station to three radio stations (one FM and two on the internet) and several thousand listeners. Our partner radio stations are Ede FM, Universe Radio and Fame Music Radio.

Apart from making a radio programme, we host album listening sessions, feature music videos and provide a platform for sharing gigs and events, which are posted by artists and their fans.

TalentCast is not a company or foundation; it is a voluntary, non-commercial project set up and run by people who want to help independent music be discovered.

Independent musicians are welcome to submit music for airplay. Read here about how you can do it, and why you should!



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Dear all, I have just installed new updates for our website. It looks a bit different, the website is now mobile friendly and we finally have ... Read more
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Which songs should I play after the summer break?

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Videoclip of the Month for December 2016:
Өвөлжөө (Mongolian version of Banquet) by Magnolian

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Song of the Week

The Sun Always Travels
Song of the Week: Martin van de Vrugt - The Sun Always Travels
Martin van de Vrugt is from Deventer, the Netherlands. He is a singer-songwriter and plays acoustic guitars and harmonica since 1980 already. He has his own studio where he not only records his own music, but also produces and records other independent musicians.

In his youth Martin was inspired by artists like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young.  Later he got also inspired by traditional (American) folk, country, jazz and blues.

In the early 80s Martin van de Vrugt began as a street musician. Since then he has performed in many venues and at festivals, in the Netherlands and abroad. His shows are varied, sometimes very dynamic, sometimes quiet and peaceful. His songs are direct and intimate and capture his vision of the world and his own little spot in it.

Website of Martin van de Vrugt

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