Playlist Aug 12 2019
Yerba Colorá
Yerba Colorá is a 4-piece Latin fusion band from Marburg, Germany.
Las preferencias del público (The public preferences)
Feñez is the former frontman and founder of the Chilean band Keko Yoma. Next to being a musician he is a teacher of Stomp workshops. At these workshops he teaches how to recycle instruments. This song came out on June the 10th, 2019.
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila
3rd tale
This is the title track of the latest album of Italian band El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila. Maybe you are on vacation in Italy at the moment and would like to hear and see how they perform. You have an opportunity this Thursday (August 15) at Summer Crock Fest in San Martino di Lupari.
A new green
If you are in the Netherlands at the moment, you have the opportunity to hear and see Finish musician Catself perform, because soon she will visit the country to tour again. You can see her for example on Saturday the 24th in the afternoon at Zuiderveen Festival in Zuiderveen, Winschoten.
Piet Louter
Omar Jallow
Dutch singer and songwriter Piet Louter is from the Netherlands. He makes songs about social issues and personal things, and has released 3 albums so far. "Omar Jallow" is a track from his third album "Omar", which was released on February the 1st this year.
Maybe baby
Jazz band Shjazz is fronted by Sharon Doelwijt, who was born in Paramaribo. Sharon runs a café, restaurant and music club in Groningen, the Netherlands, and of course she makes music too.
The Strands
Same old dream
This is a track from the album "Freshly Cut", the newest album of jazz/pop band The Strands from California.
Be you
World5 is a pop-rock band from Nevada. They write that this song's story is about taking a broader aspect in life for all of us who at times can forget how powerful our spirit truly is. This is the first single from their upcoming third LP, which will be titled "3".
Red Ant Band
She’ll be gone
Red Ant Band is a 3-piece classic rock band from Norwich. This recording was to be released on their first album, which is just about complete. Because the band is very satisfied with this recording, they decided to release it now already as a single.
The Koniac Net
Six-piece indie, alternative and hard rock band The Koniac Net from Bombay, India was the first Indian band to play in Finland. They got airplay on over 165 radio stations across 33 countries. This is their newest single release, which they are currently promoting.
Shawn E. Donahoo
F-15 eagle
Shawn E. Donahoo is a composer and arranger from Alabama.
Runaway crane (Winter is coming)
"Winter Is Coming" is maybe not the most suitable song title while the days are still long in the Netherlands and while we are still in the middle of a beautiful summer. It's a very nice new song sent to me by ElectroMush from Ukraine, so I will play it anyway, suitable or not.
Happy Daggers
Hold it down
Happy Daggers are a quintet based in Leeds (the United Kingdom) where they perform regularly. They have released 1 EP and 1 album, titled "Ultraviolet Animals". This is the opening track on the album.
Sly Genz Tempah
Sly Genz Tempah is a recording artist from Kingston.
This feeling
Benepact is a Belgian and Dutch musicians duo.
Welcome back to TalentCast after such a long time. This is the 472nd edition.

My regular listeners know that I couldn’t release a regular weekly podcast, because I didn't receive enough interesting independent music to play. Today it's exactly 12 years since the first podcast of TalentCast came out, and I did receive more than enough good music in the past months to make an interesting programme for today.

I would love to make a weekly podcast again. If you also want TalentCast to come back every week, I will ask you for a little favour. All you have to do, is to find TalentCast on Google Maps ( When you scroll down a bit, you see an option to review TalentCast. You can give some stars and if you like, you can write a little review about the project too.

Because this is a one-time podcast for now, you don't have to vote, just enjoy the good independent music. All the songs are new, never played on TalentCast before. Four are by artists who have just joined the project and the other eleven songs are new releases of earlier members.
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