Playlist Nov 9 2018
Eleanor Larkin, James Parkin and Andrew Breeds
All things unsaid
Eleanor Larkin, James Parkin and Andrew Breeds are from Hampshire, England. You might know the singer and songwriter James Parkin already because I have played him twice before. He has been performing for 20 years, and has released 3 solo albums and 2 albums together with other artists. This year James has been touring around festivals with his friends Eleanor and Andrew. Recently they have recorded "All things unsaid". It's a song about Eleanor's dad who died from cancer a couple of years back.
Singer-songwriter Tidanomiyuki was born in Okinawa in 1986. She sings and plays the guitar, piano and sanshin, an Okinawan traditional instrument. In 2015 Tidanomiyuki released her debut album "Waltz For Stew". "Tida" is one of the songs from that debut.
Postikello (Wrong way)
Kardemimmit are a Finnish quatro. In all the songs they play the same traditional Finnish instrument, the Kantele. "Postikello" is a track from the album "Autio Huvila", which is available on CDBaby, together with their other 4 albums.
Alex Highton
You left me in no doubt
Alex Highton is a singer-songwriter who comes from Liverpool. He makes gentle folk songs and accompanies himself on guitar. In his twenties he started to take songwriting seriously and since then Alex has released 3 albums. "You left me in no doubt" is a track from his debut album "Woodditton Wives Club".
Emma Black
The getaway
Emma Black is a blues and folk musician from England. "The getaway" is a track from her album "Swimming In The Moon". Emma left home and the UK when she was 17, and started her musical career busking around the mainland of Europe. Nowadays she lives in the UK again and has released 3 albums.
Lital Yohay
Lital Yohay is from Saba, Israel. When she began dancing pop music to Michael Jackson's songs, she realized how much she loved singing. When she was 10, she started playing the piano, and a few years later the guitar and the drums, the instrument she admires the most.
Merlot Embargo
Head above the water
Merlot Embargo is the Los Angeles based duo of singer and songwriter Scarlet, and guitarist and producer Geoff. "Head above the water" is a track from their debut album "Don't Look Back", which is available on Bandcamp. To complete the sound of the album Scarlet and Geoff recruited bassist Jeremy, drummer Lonn, and video game composers Dave and Ben.
Gayle Skidmore
Whisky & cigarettes
Gayle Skidmore comes from California and now lives in the Netherlands. She started writing songs when she was 8 and has written over 2000 songs since then. In August 2013, she released her second full-length album together with a colouring book. It's titled "Sleeping Bear" and was nominated for "Best Pop Album" in the "2014 San Diego Music Awards". "Whisky & cigarettes" is one of the songs you will find on her album.
Far away
Lunic is the project of singer-songwriter, electronic musician and multi-instrumentalist Kaitee Page from New York. She fuses contemporary and classical instrumentation with electronic sounds. "Far away" is a song from her most recent album "Future Sex Drama". On her Facebook page Kaitee has announced that she is taking a break from music for a little while to focus on painting.
Song of the Week
And the church bells rang
Firesphere is a dynamic band from Florida, combining heavy industrial, rock, metal, techno and epic cinematic soundtrack.
Project Silence
Finnish metal and industrial band Project Silence has recently got home from their tour in the United Kingdom. "Infection" is a track from their second album, which is titled "Slave To The Machine", and was released in 2016. Project Silence was started by Delacroix as a solo project in 2008. Since January 2012 they have performed as a 5-piece band.
Red Ant Band
So far so good
Red Ant Band is the 3-piece classic rock band of Mike Lee, Justin Brand and Carol Nicholls. The band is from Norwich, England, and was formed in 2014. "So far so good" is the newest release of the band.
Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society
Let me see your face
Four-piece alternative rock group Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society is from San Juan, Puerto Rico. "Let me see your face" is a track from their album "After Hours".
This Awkward Moment (TAM)
"Bully" is a track from the album "Crawling Out Of The Canyon" by 4-piece post-grunge rock band This Awkward Moment from Idaho. Every member of the band contributes to the songwriting.
This week there are some artists in the programme whose work I enjoy a lot. The music styles vary from relaxed to pop and rock, so for sure there is something you will enjoy too. Two songs I am going to play are new songs I have recently received via our upload page, both are by bands from the United Kingdom.

The podcast is a bit longer than usual this time, over 65 minutes. When we were still broadcast on Ede FM, our podcasts were limited to 57 minutes and a half, now we have the freedom to make it as long or short as we want.

Last week's voting almost gained 2 Song of the Week winners for this week, but fortunately that didn't happen in the end. In about 40 minutes you will hear who finished that close and who else entered our charts top 3 this time.

If there is a song you enjoy very much, please take a short moment to cast your vote for it. There is no registration necessary to vote and it takes less than a minute. If the song gets the most votes, I will play it next week again as TalentCast's Song of the Week.

I will start with one of the new songs I received. It's the first recording of a new collaboration of 3 friends from England.
Song of the Week
Coreign, the progressive hard rock studio band of married composer couple Curry and Reto from Switzerland, was started in April 2013. The music style of this duo is not limited to progressive hard rock only, they blend many influences of various music styles into their original songs.

Coreign is very productive. Since the start they have released 8 studio albums and 1 EP, all composed, arranged, played, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by themselves. Passion is a track from their newest album Eternity which they released on October 8 2018. Guest musicians Kojiro Copan Kawai from Japan, and Klarissa Collins and Jimmy Youngman from the United States contributed to Eternity.

Coreign's albums and some merchandise are available via their website
Charts Nov 9 2018
Vintage ugly
King's life
Julia Marcell
Outer space
Barry International (Performer Dystopia of Truth)
Footprints in the dust
Inge Maria