Playlist Nov 2 2018
Gabby Young & Other Animals
The devil has moved on
Gabby Young is from London. She writes on her Facebook page that we will be hearing a bit less from her for a while because she and her husband Stephen are expecting a baby. Congratulations.
Julia Marcell
Outer space
This is a track from Julia Marcell's debut album "It Might Like You". She lives with one foot in Warsaw and the other in Berlin. On November the 8th she will be one of the performing guests of "The Great Golden Choir" in Berlin. If you are in the neighbourhood at the moment and want to visit this special event, you can check our Gigs and events page for the details.
Vintage ugly
This is a song in the Flamish language. Andrés&derange is a duo from Belgium. This is a track from their debut album "Hendrik Wou Een Zeeman Zijn".
You can't save me
Elmalita is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands.
Inge Maria
This is a track from Inge Maria's album "Heaven Knows". On her Facebook page she writes that she is being a bit quiet, but that doesn't mean that nothing is happening. She promises to come soon with a very big announcement, so keep an eye on her Facebook page if you are curious.
Pop/rock band Bonnie from Montevideo in Uruguay are also being rather quiet at the moment. This song is a ballad from their self-titled debut album.
Ruta St.
This is the project of R&B artist Ruta Statkeviciute.
Where the wildflowers grow
Kailyarders is a Celtic, Irish and Scottish folk band from White Rock in Canada.
Crosseyed Miles
Half-broken heart
Crosseyed Miles is the rock/pop project of singer-songwriter Greg Polmateer from New York.
The website and Facebook page of Austrian band Kontrust are very quiet for some time already. I hope they are doing well. I really enjoy their music. Most of the time they make loud rock, but occasionally they make ballads too, like this song.
"Passion" is a track from the brand new album "Eternity" of progressive hard rock duo Coreign from Switzerland. Guest musicians Kojiro Copan Kawai from Japan, and Klarissa Collins and Jimmy Youngman from the United States contributed to the album. It's available on iTunes and Deezer.
Barry International (Performer Dystopia of Truth)
Footprints in the dust
This is a new track that was sent to me by producer Barry International from the United States. It's performed by Dystopia of Truth.
King's life
HarryBigButton is a hard rock trio from Seoul. Music from South Korea is very popular in the Netherlands at the moment. It would be great to see this band performing here too.
Sang bleu
IdiotHead is a rap and rock band from Wrocław in Poland. "Sang bleu" is a track from their EP "Idiocracy".
Last two weeks there was no TalentCast because of website updates and because of a technical issue: listeners were experiencing difficulties tuning in. The reason was Spotify attempting to download too many podcasts at the same time, which overloaded the small TalentCast network. Now, at the time you are listening, the complete TalentCast archive with 466 podcasts is available on Spotify in addition to all the previous platforms.

Perhaps because of these technical issues we do not have a new Song of the Week winner. I hope we will have one next week. If you hear a song you really enjoy, welcome to cast your vote for it on our website.

The website has changed since the last two weeks. The least popular pages are gone and the charts pages are integrated with the playlists. From now on all functions of the website can be used without a mouse and it works well with screenreaders, so it is now also accessible for visitors who cannot use the mouse, and for visually impaired and blind visitors.

Today's music will vary from relaxed at first to loud rock at the end. You will hear a track from a brand new album from Switzerland and another song I recently have received from a producer from the United States. I will start in the United Kingdom with a track from Gabby Young & Other Animals who has some happy news to share with us.
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