The Borgias
Soldier boy
Clive Barratt
Tonight you're going out
My cat is stoned
Si Sabi
The Crocked Monsieurs
Somebody else's girl
Cathy Shannon
Mannequin boy
The journey of all perfect creatures
Song of the Week
Jeff Hayman
Penelope brigade
Piet Louter
If we could see
Rebecca Hosking
No regret has killed me yet
Katie Thompson
Always present
Aryn Michelle
Narrow gate
Gisel de Marco
I found you
I have a lot of varied independent music from around the globe for you, from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland and Chile. The Song the Week of this week is by a very convincing winner from Finland.

I start in the United Kingdom, with a 3-piece indie, alternative and dance project, formed in 2012. I shall end with a danceable song by an artist from Switzerland, who made her first home-recorded album at the age of 10 already.
Podcast of October 5 2018
Song of the Week
The journey of all perfect creatures
Catself comes from Poland, lives in Finland, and regularly visits the Netherlands as well as other (usually European) countries to perform her adventurous and storytelling songs. Don't expect her to play typical love songs or covers. Her songs are different from what you normally hear from singers-songwriters, interesting, more surprising. They move between genres and between moods. When she performs, this variety keeps you captivated until the end of her performance.

During September Catself toured the Netherlands. Now she is back in Finland to play in Kuopio on 5th October. In November she will be back in the Netherlands to play more shows.