Playlist of May 25 2018
Zima osip mandelsztam
CATSELF ft. Saint Nicholas Orchestra
Alien Vampiress is fitting in
Aga Czyż & Jacek Konieczny
You forgot to dance
Julia Marcell
Bardzo Bardzo
Deep down
Odlecmy stad
Raphael Leto & Dystopia ft. Riannti
Missing you
Song of the Week
Italian plainsong
Because this is the last programme before the summer break, I will do it a bit differently than usual. There is no voting, you will hear some artists I haven't played for a long time, and I will only play music from a country that brought TalentCast quite some good music in the past years. It's the country of kiełbasa, pierogi and votka: Poland. One song is not from Poland, but from Indonesia, our last Song of the Week winner of this season.

TalentCast will be back on Friday, September the 7th on the internet, on Saturday the 8th on Ede FM, and on Sunday the 9th on Universe Radio.

Thank you for tuning in, today and during this season. I hope you will have a beautiful and sunny summer!
Podcast of May 25 2018
Song of the Week
Raphael Leto & Dystopia ft. Riannti
Indonesian singer songwriter Riannti, born and living in Jakarta, makes pop and R&B music. She started with recording and performing in 2007. Since then she has released 2 albums. The first one was funded by 67 fans via crowdfunding. The second one is self funded, released in February this year, and titled All Night.

Riannti is planning to make a professional music video for the title track of this second album and started a second crowdfuning campaign to finance it. It's again a successful campaign, because she just finished it, and 30 of her fans contributed to this project.

Missing you is Riannti's newest release. For this song she was asked to write the lyrics and music for the Djs and producers Raphael Leto and Dystopia.