Playlist of May 18 2018
Katey Laurel
Anni Wall
Atgofiwch fi
Mary Confurius
Light lies
Elizabeth Geyer
The bridge
Suzanne Aurore
Tu me manques
The vanished Romeo
Ophelia Syndrome
Butterfly maiden
Rebecca Hosking
Between me and the moon
Song of the Week
Raphael Leto & Dystopia ft. Riannti
Missing you
Morgan Wilson
The Borgias
Loop raver
Electric Fence
Mack Meadows
This is the summer
This is the second last programme before our summer break. We won't release new editions of TalentCast during June, July and August.

This week is the last time before our break that we have a voting. Last week most of the votes came in for two songs, one by an acoustic project from Austria and the other by a country musician from Nashville. In about 35 minutes I will tell who won in the end.

We have received quite a few new songs this week, and one of them was sent by a newcomer to TalentCast, a 3-person indie, alternative and dance project from Birmingham. The music genres are quite varied this time, but mainly peaceful.

I shall start with a brand new song from a yet unreleased EP by a roots-pop singer-songwriter from Denver, and I shall end with a country and blues musician from Florida.
Podcast of May 18 2018
Song of the Week
Between me and the moon
Rebecca Hosking
The music of indie singer and songwriter Rebecca Hosking is pure country roots. She is from Nashville, has made 7 full-length studio recorded alums, and her newest release is titled SeeSaw. Rebecca does the booking, promotion and distribution via her own label LoveLloyd Music. Next to being a musician she is a columnist for Skope magazine and member of the Woman's Music Business Association.