Playlist of May 11 2018
Rebecca Hosking
Between me and the moon
Apryl Evans
Things you left behind
Martin van de Vrugt
Home to you
Rosa Sky
C'est ça que je trouve
Ac(e) G
Emma Black
Country boy
David Folsom ft. Kathy Redwine
You, you, you
Together we can
Martin Del Carpio
Angie Arsenault
The end has come
Song of the Week
180º Virvar
In the flesh
It's very warm in the studio while I am preparing the programme, and maybe that's why I have selected only relaxing music for this week.

Last week's voting brought us a clear winner. She is from Canada, has released two solo albums, and an album together with her family. In about 40 minutes you will hear who that is, and who else entered our top 3.

This time I will start with a country singer-songwriter from Nashville, and end in the Netherlands with a popnoir, rock and gothic jazz band from the Hague, who's latest album has got some excellent reviews.
Podcast of May 11 2018
Song of the Week
The end has come
Angie Arsenault
Angie Arsenault is from Canada and has released two albums, both via crowdfunding. In 2009 she released her debut album Once Upon a Dream, for which she raised $50 000. For her second album Shadow Revelations she raised $15 000. With this album Angie moved in a completely different direction, electronic music. The sound of the album is a mix of dark, industrial and pop. It was released in 2011 and was accompanied with a short film, which features a compilation of the album tracks.

For the first two albums Angie used SellaBand as crowdfunding platform, but that platform went offline a few years ago. Because of her experience with crowdfunding and because she now has a big fanbase, she decided to do the third project on her own. This musical project is called The Roots Project, and she runs it in collaboration with her family.

Currently Angie Arsenault is writing and recording songs for her third solo album, which she plans to release in 2019. She writes that the style will be heavier than the style of her previous solo albums. Via her website you can follow the progress of the album, chat with her, and of course support her new project.