Playlist of May 4 2018
Keko Yoma
El desatinao
Ronn van Etten
Shot of funk
Julie Lamb
Sync not automatic
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila
Superstar suicide
In your world
The Gunboat Diplomats
Fine state of affairs
Crosseyed Miles
Happy accident
Dandini dastana
Angie Arsenault
The end has come
Amanda Campbell
The arrow
Song of the Week
You belong to me
Thom Lourim
Jürgen Joherl
Song for Pat
Well, so what!
A musician from the Netherlands and a musician from the US joined TalentCast this week. You will hear them today, together with many more independent artists from around the globe. I will start the programme with uplifting music and end with some instrumental pieces.

Last week we didn't receive enough votes to gain a new Song of the Week. This week the voting almost ended with two Songs of the Week, because the difference between the numbers 1 and 2 is just one vote. In about 40 minutes you will hear how the voting closed on Monday night at midnight. If you hear a song you really enjoy among the other songs in the programme, please cast your vote for it.

The first uplifting song is by a 6-piece band from Chile. The last song is by the project Earthspaces of musician and composer Csaba Gulyas from Budapest.
Podcast of May 4 2018
Song of the Week
The arrow
Amanda Campbell
Singer-songwriter Amanda Campbell grew up in London’s east end, always surrounded by music, and caught by soul, jazz and Motown. After moving to Los Angeles she followed her dreams and started performing in Zetland Street, a band she founded with guitarist, David Mason. Currently Amanda is the lead singer of jazz/pop band The Strands.