Playlist Nov 16 2018
Goofy Cow
Over again
Goofy Cow is the 3-piece punk rock band band of vocalist and guitar player Kjůbs, bassist Phil J Low, and drummer Venca RektStar. They are from Olomouc, the Czech Republic and perform a lot in their home country at the moment. On their Facebook page you can find the list with their upcoming events.
The Village
Lionel Strange
The Village describes himself as a pink sock wearing and trilby hatted psychedelic troubadour. This is the retro pop and folk rock project of singer-songwriter Phil Matthews from Derby, the United Kingdom.
Ain't got time for
Snippet (aka Johnno Casson) lives in Colchester in England. "Ain't got time for" is a track from his second newest album "Future Melancholy Pop Music". Johnno is currently working on his upcoming album, which will be titled "Wonky".
Regan Tucker
I'm getting by
Country singer Regan Tucker from New Zealand grew up in a family of farmers, listening to Cliff Richard. After running his own farm for a while, he started to write country music and made 3 albums. "I'm getting by" is a track from his album "Stone Cold Country Boy".
Ronn van Etten
Nothing lost today
"Nothing Lost Today" is a track from Ronn van Etten's album "Shades of Blue's". He wrote this song in the 70s already, but recorded it 2 years ago. Just after making this playlist I received a track from Ronn's brand new album "Waves". Very soon you will hear that song too on TalentCast. If you don't want to wait that long, you can listen to "Waves" already now on iTunes, CDBaby and ReverbNation.
Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band
Never land
Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band is a blues and rock band from Vancouver, formed by Brad Curtis. Sometimes the band has 6 members, but currently it has 4: Brad Curtis, Ted Tosoff, Dave Groves and Wes Hallam.
Glen Hughes
Truth is in the lie
Glen Hughes is a musician from Cambridge in Ontario, Canada.
The Koniac Net
The ardent companion that you are
The Koniac Net is an indie, alternative and hard rock band from Bombay, India. Currently they are working on their third album. "The ardent companion that you are" is a track from their debut EP "Abiogenesis". The band was nominated as "Best Rock Act" at the "2014 VH1 Sound Nation Music Awards".
Be my bloody baby
Metibla is a 3-piece rock band from Italy. "Be my bloody baby" is a track from "Crimson Within", a concept album about inadequacy and finding excuses for not being happy.
Rock City Seven
Rock city angels
Rock City Seven is a rock'n'roll band from Chicago, formed in 2009. The band records and performs mostly covers, but occasionally original songs too, like this song.
Liberty Slaves
Everyman for themselves
Liberty Slaves is a 5-piece hard rock'n'roll band from Huddersfield, the United Kingdom. "Everyman For Themselves" is the title track of their 4-track EP which they released exactly one year ago.
Hate is the cure
Punk band Psychopigs from Ireland was started in 2008 when Tom and ShamRock where left alone by their guitarist. They decided to keep playing together, and found two other guitarists and a singer to join them. Since then the line-up has changed several times, but the band still consists of 5 members. They have released 2 albums. "Hate is the cure" is a track from their 14-track debut album "13".
Automatic rock 'n' roll
Nunan is a 5-piece band from Grimbergen in Belgium. In 2006 and 2007 the band was quite successful, performed a lot, and got very good reviews. After a long break of 10 years Nunan is again making music.
Do you want to know if I love you
"Do you want to know if I love you" is a track from "State Of Emergency", an album of Lee-Leet from Warsaw, Poland. She sings, writes music and lyrics, and accompanies herself on the piano.
The programme will sound a bit different than usual because I will only play rock music this time. But there are very many kinds of rock, so the music is still very varied.

Unfortunately too few votes came in last week, so we don't have a new Song of the Week winner this time. If you hear a song you enjoy, please take a short moment and vote for it.

The first song of today is by a 3-piece punk rock band band from the Czech Republic.
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