Playlist Nov 23 2018
Syndrom Kreta
Syndrom Kreta is a Polish 4-piece independent underground band. They are from Wesoła nearby Warsaw and the band was formed 12 years ago.
Hand in hand
GoLian is the project of Paul Golian, former keyboardist and guitarist of the 70's Canadian touring progressive rock band Theatre of Life. "Hand in hand" is the opening track of "Who We Are", the first EP Paul released as solo artist.
Electric Fence
No smoking around
"No smoking around" is a protest song by the band Electric Fence from Bucharest, Romania. Since their manager Antonio Eduard Antemir passed away almost 2 years ago, the band has been very quiet.
Mack Meadows
Just so you know
Mack Meadows is a country and blues musician from Key Largo, Florida. He is a composer, sings, plays the guitar, and teaches guitar lessons. "Just so you know" is a track from Mack's latest album "Someone's Gotta Do It".
Kane & Sun
"Satisfy" is a song from the album "Three Little Words" by the duo Kane & Sun from New Zealand. Since 2012 they have not played as a duo any more because Kane moved to Melbourne. There he formed the indie folk rock band Sons of May.
Franka De Mille
Franka De Mille is a singer, songwriter and composer from London. "Fallen" is a track from "Bridge The Roads", her debut album. Franka released the album in 2010. The music style is a blend of Americana, chamber music and alternative folk. The lyrics are deeply personal.
Annie Bacon
The baby suite
"The baby suite" is a track from Annie Bacon's album "Stranded Songs". Recently Annie has moved from San Francisco to Michigan together with her family.
Instead of Ink
Stealing cypher
Instead of Ink is the independent rock / electronica project of Keven Beneke and Cédric Lesquir from Quebec, Canada.
Martin Del Carpio
The silents were golden
Martin Del Carpio is an experimental music project from New York. "The silents were golden" is a track from the album "X".
Song of the Week
Automatic rock 'n' roll
Step by step
Earthspaces is the project of musician and composer Csaba Gulyas from Budapest, Hungary. The genres of his music range from downtempo, meditation music and ambient to dance music. Csaba has released 3 albums since the start of his project. This song "Step by step" is on none of these.
Leaving Richmond
"Communications" is a track from "Subcircuits", the newest album of Leaving Richmond, the ambient music project of composer and producer Jordan Pier from Los Angeles.
Lil TaRus
Do me like that
Lil TaRus is a self-taught musician from Texas. He recorded his first home recorded single when he was 8, and his first professionally recorded single at the age of 17.
Devon Shom
Devon Shom aka Omo Iya Nurse is from Nigeria. He studied mechanical engineering and started his musical career singing in a choir for teenagers.
Poison clan
Daybreak, aka the Rap Assassin is a Canadian hip-hop artist. He is from Vancouver, British Columbia, but has also lived, studied and performed in China and South Korea for several years. Currently he is back in Vancouver.
Last week TalentCast was all about rock. This week the music genres are varied and mainly peaceful, some of the songs are new songs I have recently received, and I am happy to have a new Song of the Week winner again.

I will start with a happy tune from Poland by a 4-piece rock band.
Song of the Week
Automatic rock 'n' roll
Nunan is a 5-piece band from Grimbergen in Belgium. Until 2007 the band was quite successful. In these years they performed hundreds of times at festivals in their home country and other Europe countries, got very nice reviews about their debut album and performances, and their music could be heard on many radio stations.

Nunan disbanded in 2008, but now they are back, first playing old songs from their debut album Will you dance?, later the band might release an EP with new recordings.

Band members: Elgrandelgado (vocalist), Uncle Kurt (guitarist), El Jefe (guitarist), Zsenomsky (bassist), Monsieur Herald (drummer)
Charts Nov 23 2018
Automatic rock 'n' roll
Do you want to know if I love you
Rock City Seven
Rock city angels
Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band
Never land
Glen Hughes
Truth is in the lie
Be my bloody baby
Regan Tucker
I'm getting by
Ronn van Etten
Nothing lost today
Ain't got time for