Rules of the game

Everybody is allowed to vote once per voting round. If we notice or if our software detects that the same person has voted more than once, all votes from this person will be disqualified without a notification.

The results of the voting will be announced in the next edition of TalentCast and showed on the page Playlists, charts, podcasts.

The song that receives the most votes will become the next Song of the Week.

We will play the Song of the Week again in our following podcast and radio programme. The winning artist or band will also be featured on the main page of our website for 1 week and forever on our next playlist, and we will promote the winner on our Facebook page and Twitter profile.

In each voting round, you can vote only once from the same IP address or device.

Each voting round we store (during 80 hours) a cookie on your device which only contains the number of the voting round.

The voting is anonymous. Only Crew of TalentCast knows who has voted for which song. Crew of TalentCast will never share this information with others.

Information about the votes is stored for at least 6 months.

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Charts Top 3
Tu lo sai
Hold on
Let me be
Have a heart
From darkness to light