Playlist Mar 18 2016
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila
Every landscape of love
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila proves that music can bring people together. This 5-piece Italian band was formed in 2008 and all musicians quickly became friends. Their friendship affected the music, which became a fusion of the styles they like.
Gabby Young & Other Animals
In your head
Gabby Young & Other Animals is a 9-piece band from London. So far they have released 3 albums, "We're All In This Together" (2009), "The Band Called Out For More" (2012) and "One Foot In Front Of The Other" (2014). They are working on the fourth one.
JoosTVD stands for Joos(t) The Vanished Dutchman. He started as a drummer, then played in several bands. Nowadays he has his own project and has released 10 albums so far. Genres: pop, jazz, funk, R&B, latin, blues and humor.
Ophelia Syndrome
The Canadian band Ophelia Sydrome was formed in 2002, when Trina Nadeau (cello) and Deanna Wells (vocals, keyboards) met during their studies. In 2007 Adrian McFarlane and Josh Kohler completed the band with drums, bass and backing vocals.
North-Going Zax
The current
North-Going Zax is from Boston, US. This is the 2-person indie rock project of Matthew Otto on vocals and rhythm guitar, and Jeff Poliseno on bass. The project was formed in the beginning of 2013. They have released one 4-track EP.
Lori Greco
All that matters
Singer-songwriter Lori Greco was born in Italy. At the age of 3 she moved to Australia. She studied at "The Elder Conservatorium of Music" in Adelaide, majoring in piano. Lori has released 3 albums so far.
Gisel de Marco
I'll never see you again
Gisel de Marco is originally from Argentina, nowadays she lives in Switzerland. At the age of 7 she got a toy piano and at the age of 10 she had made her first home-recorded album "Blue Bay". In 2010 she released a studio album "All The Way".
Monikker ft. MidW3stBruhh & Tosin Awofeso
The takeover
Monikker is a female rapper from Austin, Texas. She started recording her first song in a friend's basement during high school and writes that her music is for fans of underground rap.
Maitreya is from New Zealand and began his career in 1995 as a founding member of live hip hop band Nilstate in Christchurch. He released 2 albums: "Close To Home" in 2008 and "ĀIO" in 2015. In 2010 he released an EP in Māori: "Te Puna Reka".
Hard to ignore
SPiN is a 4-piece alternative pop, rock, powerpop band from Philadelphia, US. They record at their studio inside a 150 year old funeral home. The band: E (lead vocals/guitar), Jim (vocals/synths/piano), Lou (drums/percussion) and Hank (guitar/vocals)
Hackmonocut is a 4-piece band from Austria, started in 2012. Their songs are melancholic, dark and feral, full of irony and social criticism. They have released 2 full albums: "In The Land Of Basement Hobby Rooms" (2013), "The Sum Of My Parts" (2015)
And the church bells rang
Firesphere is a 6-piece band from Orlando, Florida. This is the new project of the members of Absolon. They combine industrial rock/metal with techno and epic cinematic soundtrack. They released their debut album "Requiem" in early 2015.
Sasho Janevski Richy Project
Three days in hell
Sasho Janevski Richy Project is from Trondheim, Norway. The genre of this project is a mix of industrial, electronica and gothic.
Chasing Antics
Finding the missing link
Chasing Antics is the project of Alwyn van Deventer from South Africa. He likes to experiment with sounds. His music is sometimes soothing and mellow and sometimes hard and uplifting.
Inspired by the sunny weather in the Netherlands this week, We have selected some happy tunes for you. We also got some new tunes from our artists, we will play these too.

One thing is a bit different this week. There is no Song of the Week winner, because last week too few people came to our website to vote and because the few people who came to vote, almost all preferred for a different song. If you like one song the most, please go to our voting page and click on the green button of your choice.
Song of the Week winners
Mar 11 2016 - Mar 18 2016
Yossarian Malewski
Tree Sparrow
Mar 4 2016 - Mar 11 2016
Jana G.
Feb 26 2016 - Mar 4 2016
The Imaginary Suitcase
Run Like The Devil
Feb 19 2016 - Feb 26 2016
Julie Lamb
Feb 12 2016 - Feb 19 2016
Jeff Hayman
Penelope Brigade
Feb 5 2016 - Feb 12 2016
Christer Holm
The Ruins Of Nexia