Playlist Feb 12 2016
Celeste Dos Santos and The Tabloid Queens
The International
Celeste Dos Santos and The Tabloid Queens (formerly known as Debutant Disco) is a 7-person band from London and Madrid, formed in 2011. They describe themselves as a Gypsy surf punk band.
I don't really mind
Maitreya is from New Zealand and began his career in 1995 as a founding member of live hip hop band Nilstate in Christchurch. He released 2 albums: "Close To Home" in 2008 and "ĀIO" in 2015. In 2010 he released an EP in Māori: "Te Puna Reka".
Julie Lamb
Julie Lamb is a (70's vibed) rock-based singer-songwriter from Wellington, New Zealand. She usually records and plays with her band. So far she has released 3 albums "Most and Least" (2008), "Trippin' the Light" (2012) and "When We Hang Out" (2014).
Saint Nicholas Orchestra (Orkiestra Św. Mikołaja)
Ptasie wesele (live)
Saint Nicholas Orchestra (Orkiestra Św. Mikołaja) is one of the oldest folk bands in Poland. The band was formed in 1988 when there was no interest in Polish traditional folk music. Since then it has been said, they have invented Polish folk music.
Keko Yoma
Ariva ariva
Keko Yoma is a 4-piece band from Santiago, Chile who combine rock, ska, Latin rhythms, comedy theater and several typical American and Australian instruments. This combination is wild, crazy and very much fun.
Weaving in and out of passages
Kalika is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool in the UK. She released her 9-track debut album "And a Little Bit of Chutney" in spring 2014. She describes her genre as "jazzy-good conscience-rhythmical folk".
NRG Rising
NRG Rising is a mother and daughters trio from Hamilton, New Zealand, formed in 2009. They make fresh happy world music with a R&B sound and feel, developed from reggae. In 2011 they released their debut album "From Darkness To Light".
Franka De Mille
You'll never know
Franka De Mille describes the style of her music as acoustic-baroque-folk which bridges many influences and traditions. She grew up in Paris, but has lived most of her life in London. She has released her debut album "Bridge the Roads" in 2010.
Natalia Safran
Singer-songwriter Natalia Safran is from Los Angeles. She writes, produces and performs music together with her brother, Mikołaj Mick Jaroszyk. Natalia Safran has released her debut album "High Noon" in 2011.
Sim Sibanda
Sim Sibanda is a pop musician from Johannesburg, South Africa. "Playhouse" is her latest release. The song is written by Sim Sibanda and Tim Sonnefeld.
Are you the one for me
IreneB is from Barcelona in Spain. In 2005 she graduated in modern music and jazz, in 2006 she released her debut EP "Mi Realidad", in 2009 she released her debut R&B album "Metamorphosis" and in 2012 she released her second album "Welcome Back".
Song of the Week
Jeff Hayman
Penelope brigade
Jeff Hayman is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Mandurah, Western Australia. In 2008 he moved to Stadskanaal, the Netherlands. Since the age of 15 he has been playing and writing songs.
Sock 'n' doll
KONTRUST is a 6-piece rock band from Austria, formed in 2001. They have released 4 albums so far, "Welcome Home", "Time To Tango", "Second Hand Wonderland" and "Explositive". In 2016 they will release their fifth album.
Angry face
HarryBigButton is a hard rock trio from Seoul, South Korea. The name of the band is slang for a cheap, vintage car stereo. They have released 2 EPs, "Hard 'n Loud" in 2011 and "Perfect Storm" in 2014, and a full-length album "King's Life" in 2012.
Behind these eyes
Firesphere is a 6-piece band from Orlando, Florida. This is the new project of the members of Absolon. They combine industrial rock/metal with techno and epic cinematic soundtrack. They released their debut album "Requiem" in early 2015.
The weather is depressing over here in The Netherlands at the moment. There is a lot of wind and rain while I am preparing this programme, so much that most of our carnival parades had to be cancelled. To make up for the bad weather, I have decided to play a lot of positive songs today.

There are also 2 newcomers to TalentCast in the programme and of course I won't forget to play this week's Song of the Week winner.

I start this programme with a Gypsy surf punk band from London and Madrid.
Song of the Week
Jeff Hayman
Penelope Brigade
Next to being a musician, Jeff Hayman also has experience as a lighting, audio and decor technician at theatres. Since 2008 he works at Theater Geert Teis.
Charts Feb 12 2016
Jeff Hayman
Penelope brigade
Âme en peine
Ampia Vista
Hold on, please
Mary Confurius
Light lies
Benny Mayhem
Harmony in my head (live)
Burning Table
How did I forget
Instead of Ink
Ephemeral existence