Playlist Mar 11 2016
Gayle Skidmore
Barrel, trigger, gun
Gayle Skidmore is a singer-songwriter from San Diego, (California, US). She can play over 20 instruments and has written over 1700 songs. Her latest album "Sleeping Bear" was nominated for "Best Pop Album" in the "2014 San Diego Music Awards".
Katey Laurel
The optimist
Katey Laurel is a roots-pop singer-songwriter from Denver, US, who writes hopeful, romantic and introspective songs about our common humanity. She has released 3 albums, "From Here", "Periscope" and "Periscope - The remix project".
La Strange
La Strange is a rock singer from Italy, who started as a vocalist, singing in local cover bands. Later she began to write her own songs. In 2009 she met producer James D Bell and started La Strange. In 2012 she released her album "Queen of Disguise".
Apryl Evans
Things you left behind
Apryl Evans is a country artist from Asbury Park, New Jersey, US. In 2012 she released the "Things You Left Behind EP", recorded in the Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. In September 2014 she released her latest single, "The Sound of Boots".
Lucia Lilikoi
One, two, three
Lucia Lilikoi (formerly known as Lucia Iman) is from Mill Valley, California, originally from Spain. So far she has released 3 albums: "Lucia Iman" in 2006, "Tame the Night" in 2009 and "Vessel" in 2015. Her style has been described as "anti-pop".
Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian ft. Polymnia Kondili
Looking for Eden
Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian is from Greece. He got his post-grad degree at the Trinity College of Music in London and has played in several bands in Greece and Canada. Nowadays he mostly writes songs featuring female vocals.
Elise Azevedo
Elise Azevedo is a singer-songwriter from Portugal. She has recorded 2 albums so far, a double CD "Afflicted" in 2006 and a single CD "Sugarless" in 2008. The style of her music is a mix of acoustic, folk and jazz.
Song of the Week
Yossarian Malewski
Tree sparrow
Yossarian Malewski is a composer, musician, filmmaker and storyteller from Warsaw, Poland. His genres are a mix of classical, jazz, illustrative music, experimental and ambient. He was the guitarist, pianist and clarinetist in rock band Red Point.
Martin Del Carpio
Kill your beauty
Martin Del Carpio is an electronic composer from New York. He has released 6 albums, "In Absentia", "Pequeno Pionero", "Tropic of Capricorn", "Godard", "X" and "Lost Illusions: A Retrospective". Currently he is working on a sound track for a movie.
Instead of Ink
Instead of Ink is the project of Cedric and Keven from Quebec in Canada, started in 2004. So far they have released 3 albums, "Far From Close" in 2010, "Open Air Museum" in 2012 and "The Eclipse Season" in 2015.
An invitation to sin
Chabliz is a 4-piece band from The Hague, the Netherlands. They have released 2 albums (1 live album and 1 studio album). Both have received very good reviews in both Dutch and foreign press. They are planning to release their third album soon.
Infinitus Mortus
The warrior within
Infinitus Mortus is a symphonic metal band from New Jersey, US. This started off as a studio project by Stephen Megna in 2008. Nowadays this is a band with variating members.
Alex Ganassini
Alex Ganassini is from Italy. He began as a singer for many underground bands, nowadays he is a singer and composer. He has released 3 albums, ("Orpheus", "Caligula" and "Technology For The Soul") and 1 single ("Space Ballad").
Man of spirit
HarryBigButton is a hard rock trio from Seoul, South Korea. The name of the band is slang for a cheap, vintage car stereo. They have released 2 EPs, "Hard 'n Loud" in 2011 and "Perfect Storm" in 2014, and a full-length album "King's Life" in 2012.
Some artists sent us quite a few new tracks last week. You will hear one song from each of them today, together with some nice album tracks and our new Song of the Week winner.

Today's music styles vary from singer-songwriter, jazz and instrumental to rock ballads. We will start with a song from a very prolific singer-songwriter from San Diego.
Song of the Week
Yossarian Malewski
Tree Sparrow
Yossarian Malewski is a composer, musician, filmmaker and storyteller from Warsaw, Poland. His music varies from experimental and contemporary classical music to classical jazz.

Yossarian Malewski was the leader of rock band Red Point where he played guitar, piano and clarinet. He has also composed the music lines for songs of many Polish singers and is the author of music for many Polish films and for fashion shows.
Charts Mar 11 2016
Yossarian Malewski
Tree sparrow
Day of my life
Electric Fence
No smoking around
Leave it behind
Ellie Williams
Alexx Calise
All night long
Aryn Michelle
Mysti Mayhem
This Flight Tonight
Summer shortfall