Playlist Mar 2 2018
David Folsom ft. Kathy Redwine
Take all you want
Julia Marcell
Kane & Sun
More than you can take
Mack Meadows
Whiskey go round
Norm Brunet
Pour me another one
The Gunboat Diplomats
Beneath a solemn sky
Starry Knights
White Feather
Miltos Marathon
Long night
John Pagano Band
Lost in you
Son of Sam
Liberty Slaves
Never enough
The Gang
Rock 'n' rebels
Song of the Week
Temple Renegade
U say what
I am in the mood for some rock this time, but I know most of my listeners are not so much into loud music, so I will save it until the second half of the programme.

A five-piece hard rock'n'roll band from the United Kingdom has joined TalentCast this week. You will hear them later, because I am keeping the louder music for later as said. I shall start with a composer from Nashville this time.
Song of the Week
Temple Renegade is a 4-piece alternative rock band from the Hague (the Netherlands). Their music is inspired by bands like Karnivool, Audioslave, Alter Bridge, Twelve Foot Ninja and Clutch. After the release of their debut EP Blacked Out Ocean, they toured the United Kingdom and France in 2016 and 2017.

Back in the Netherlands, Temple Renegade won 3 band battle finals. Last December they released a second EP, titled Void Machine.

On Saturday, March the 10th, Temple Renegade will perform in the semi finals of Metal Battle at Het Podium in Hoogeveen. If you want, you can support them there. The doors are open at 20:00 and the entrance is free.

The band: Sven Mundorf (guitar and vocals), Sander van Elferen (drums), Jerome Huss (guitar) and Angel Lopez (bass)
Charts Mar 2 2018
Temple Renegade
Burning Table
How did I forget
Martin van de Vrugt
I don't know where to fly
Electric Fence
Son of Theia
Earth children