Independent music playlist of February 23 2018

Playlist of February 23 2018
How did I forget
La gente pobre
Pieśń sobótkowa III (live)
Rain falls
I don't know where to fly
Into the midnight light
Song of the Week
среда (Wednesday)
Earth children
Free market music (Bipolar bears remix)

This week the music styles vary from acoustic singers-songwriters, to jazz, country, folk, alternative, rock and more.

I enjoyed last week's voting, because the numbers 1 and 2 (a musician from New Zealand and a band from Australia) were often very close. Only in the last hours before the voting was ended, the winner was clear. In about 40 minutes you will hear who won.

Two newcomers to TalentCast: An interesting rock band from the Netherlands, and a folk and country musician from Canada. But first something else: One of my favourite independent bands. They are from Romania. My regular listeners might already guess which band that is.

Podcast of February 23 2018
Song of the Week
Alternative blues and rock band Moscato from Australia started out as a regular jam session between lyricist Jo and electric guitar player Adrian. Soon after, saxophone player Erin joined, and within 13 weeks they were ready to do their first recordings.

Since 2014 Moscato is a five-piece band, because then bassist Kerin Shaw and vocalist Kristen Anderson joined. Then there was again a change in the band's line-up: Erin left and Kaz joined, accompanying Kristen on vocals. Next to being a singer, Kaz also plays cello, saxophone and keyboard.