Independent music playlist of March 9 2018

The Rain song (Echolorado remix)
Love is a fool time job
Katie Lee
Twist of fader
Du sang de la lune
Release me
Never enough
Song of the Week
Behind these eyes
Man of spirit
Skating rain

You will hear some rock in this week’s programme, but that will be closer to the end. First I will play a few relaxing tunes.

A five-piece hard rock 'n' roll band from the United Kingdom, which I played for the first time last week, gathered the most votes during last week's voting. In about 35 minutes I will play our new Song of the Week.

I will end the programme with a song about the rain and I will start the programme with a song about the rain. The first song is by a roots-pop singer-songwriter from Denver (the United States).

Podcast of March 9 2018
Song of the Week
Never enough
Liberty Slaves
The Liberty Slaves are a five-piece hard rock n roll band from Huddersfield (the United Kingdom). The band writes that they rehearse hard and regularly. They also perform frequently. You will find all their upcoming events on their Facebook page.

On November 3, 2017 The Liberty Slaves released a four-track EP Everyman For Themselves. It's is produced by Dan Rossall and Never Enough is the last track on it.

The band: Ryan Meehan (lead vocals), Adam Hartley (drums), Paul Brooke (lead guitar), Mark Ogley (rhythm guitar) and Craig Hopkins (bass guitar).