Playlist Jan 5 2018
Rosa Sky
Hold your breath
Keko Yoma ft. Joe Vasconcellos
Siento que me he sanado
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila
My truth
Rebecca Hosking
Safe haven
Weybourne Chester Bingley
How did it ever come to this?
Mack Meadows
Time off
David Folsom ft. Sabrina Barringer
Welcome home, soldier
Stefanie Black
Home for you
Lital Yohay
Traveling back in time
New home
Song of the Week
The Gang
Let it rock
Ireland in the sun
This Awkward Moment
The system
Can't believe it
Welcome to the first edition of TalentCast for 2018. I hope this will be a good and healthy year for you and the people who are close to you, and of course I hope this will be a great year for independent music.

2018 is starting very well, because I received quite a few nice new tunes during my short break. One of these is by a newcomer to TalentCast, a singer and guitarist from France.

The musicians which I played in the last edition on December 15, before my short break, needed to be a bit patient because I will announce the results of the voting only now. I am happy with the first winner for 2018. It was their first time on TalentCast.

I will start this new year with a new single release from a Dutch band - Rosa Sky.
Song of the Week
The Gang
Let it rock
The Gang is a 5-piece Slovak rock band, formed in 2013. Until 2016 the band was fronted by vocalist, hard rock guitarist, and formerly band member of Dorian Gray, Vadim Busovsky. Since 2016 Dory has taken over the position of lead singer.

In 2016 The Gang performed at the biggest national rock festival of Slovakia, Topfest. The band's style is a mixture of hard rock roots and modern sound.. Their music is inspired by bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and AC/DC.

Below you can watch the music video The Gang made for their song Rock 'n' Rebels.
Charts Jan 5 2018
The Gang
Let it rock
Inge Maria
Lucky star
Turn around your way
Tyrone Sturk
Be merciful
Phillip Foxley ft. vocalist Deri
It's up to us! (acoustic version)
Katey Laurel
True gift of Christmas
Pure Dead Brilliant
Shifting moon