Playlist of December 15 2017
Sense defeat
James Parkin
Pure Dead Brilliant
Shifting moon
Katey Laurel
True gift of Christmas
Inge Maria
Lucky star
NRG Rising
True future
Tyrone Sturk
Be merciful
Phillip Foxley ft. vocalist Deri
It's up to us! (acoustic version)
Johnno Casson
Window shopping
Kepler Junction
Hard lesson to learn
Christmas time again (I'll be good next year)
Ac(e) G
Black magic
Song of the Week
Fun is fun and done is done
The Gang
Let it rock
Turn around your way
This will be the last edition of TalentCast for 2017 because I want to take a little break. The next edition of TalentCast will be out on January the 5th.

We have three TalentCast newcomers this week, including two solo artists: one is from Germany and the other is from Jamaica, and a band from Slovakia. Because it's almost Christmas, I will also play two Christmas songs. I start the programme with a song by a solo musician from New Zealand.

Like every week there is a voting round. The winning song will be played in TalentCast on January the 5th, and of course many times on our partner radio station Ede FM during that week.

Thank you for tuning in. I wish you happy holidays, merry Christmas, a very nice New Year’s Eve, and lots of great independent music in 2018.
Podcast of December 15 2017
Song of the Week
Black magic
Ac(e) G
Ac(e) G is the acoustic project of Wolfgang Leitner from Austria. As a teenager he started playing electric guitar and some other instruments. Later he studied playing jazz guitar in Vienna, worked as session and live musician, worked as sound engineer, and was music composer for TV. Since 2014 Wolfgang plays the acoustic guitar, followed by the release of his debut album (titled One) in the following year.

With his newest release Black Magic Ac(e) G switched to a different sound, to a rock guitar accompaniment instead of acoustic guitar sound. The song is still played on an acoustic guitar, but his guitar is via software loaded as an electric guitar.