Playlist of December 8 2017
Julia Marcell
Ministerstwo mojej glowy
Benny Mayhem
Farewell (I'm not coming home)
The missing song
My sweet monk grandad
Emma Black
Bad girl
Daniel Roure
Le temps d'un jazz
Amanda Campbell and Kevin T. Williams
Picking up the pieces
Song of the Week
The Flowered Gnomes
All bark, no bite
John Pagano Band
Make you shout
The ripper
Ac(e) G
Black magic
Play with fire
This week’s TalentCast is divided in two parts. Until the Song of the Week, I will play relaxed music in varied genres. After the Song of the Week, I will play rock music.

One of the rock songs is by a solo musician from Austria who I will be playing for the first time. Another song is recorded in my living room. I will start with something else, a song in the Polish language.
Podcast of December 8 2017
Song of the Week
Amanda Campbell & Kevin T. Williams
Amanda Campbell grew up in London, surrounded by music. Interested in soul music, jazz, Motown and the Philadelphia sound, she decided to write and perform her own songs.

After moving to Los Angeles, she started singing in a jazz group and caught the attention of local producers. Since 2011 Amanda is the lead singer in The Strands, a jazz/pop band that is steadily growing an audience.

Picking Up The Pieces is a catchy song about betrayal and is Amanda Campbell's newest release. She made this song together with soul musician Kevin T. Williams of  The Untouchables,  and it is accompanied by a nice video, which you can watch below.
Music video of Amanda Campbell & Kevin T. Williams