Playlist of December 1 2017
Gabby Young & Other Animals
Back where we started
Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian
In a wink of my eye
Would you call my name
Amanda Campbell and Kevin T. Williams
Picking up the pieces
Franka De Mille
Come on
Life's reflections
Starry Knights
About last night
Alex Highton
Sweet taste of defeat
Red Ant Band
You've been a long time away
The Great Emu War Casualties
There is a God and His name is Mark Sugar-Mountain
Burning Table
Infinitus Mortus
The planet of sorrows (part 2)
Song of the Week
Party Of The Sin
Another sun
Two interesting rock bands joined TalentCast last week. The first one from the Netherlands doesn't really like Facebook and doesn't understand YouTube. The second one is a 4-piece psychedelic Anglo rock band from Chile. You will hear both today.

A song by symphonic metal project from New Jersey (US) got the most votes during last week's voting round. I will play the winning song towards the end of the programme/podcast.

This time the programme features mainly peaceful and relaxed tunes, but I will start with a happy and uptempo song by a London based band.
Podcast of December 1 2017
Song of the Week
The planet of sorrows (part 2)
Infinitus Mortus
In 2008, after playing in several local bands, Stephen Megna from New Jersey (US) started Infinitus Mortus. He doesn't want to produce mainstream music, but composes (darker) classically composed symphonic metal. He plays the instruments, sings and invites varying vocalists for his compositions.