Playlist of November 24 2017
Andréïs & la Smala
Mon salaud
Arda & The Stolen Moon
Dead end waltz
El presente
Julie Lamb
Buyer beware (The Dick Smith investor blues)
Alex Ganassini
Virtual love
Electric Fence
Hi bitch, bye bitch
Arnab Mukherjee ft. Rapsta SB
Coffee shop love
Song of the Week
Edge of heaven
The Flowered Gnomes
музыка меня слушает (I listen to music)
Realm Of Decay
King of the sands
The Koniac Net
Rose coloured glasses
Infinitus Mortus
The planet of sorrows (part 2)
Last week's voting round was a nice one, many votes came in (250) and we have a clear Song of the Week winner for this week: Two cooperating musicians from India.

A rock musician from Manila (Philippines), a rock and metal duo from Santiago (Chile), and a folk band from Nantes (France) joined TalentCast last week and sent us their music. You will hear them all today.

The music I will play today is very varied, and I will start with the band from Nantes who has recently joined TalentCast.
Podcast of November 24 2017
Song of the Week
Coffee shop love
Arnab Mukherjee ft. Rapsta SB
Arnab Mukherjee ft. Rapsta SB
Rapsta SB is a vocalist, lyricist, composer and rapper from India. He was born in 1994, and brought up In Murshidabad Akhirigang, where he attended Raninagar High School.  After moving to Calcutta, he continued studying there.

Rapsta SB started to make hip-hop music three years ago, being the singer of the band Abeer Bhai. Last year he started to work together with Arnab Mukherjer. Together they have released a debut album this year, it's titled Rudimentary.