Playlist of September 22 2017
Benny Mayhem
Song for absent friends
Julia Marcell
Slinky & P'tit Loup
Married man blues
Richard Lynch
Last of a dying breed
Alex Highton
What will you do when they break your heart again
Foolish little love
Lital Yohay
Went to Mars
Song of the Week
Gisel de Marco
I'll never see you again
Like an animal
Darren J Claxton
Was it right
In one day
I probably sound a bit different this week, that’s because I have a cold. Because so many people are tuning in to our radio programme and podcast at the moment, I don’t want to skip a week, but I will talk a bit less than usual.

The genres of this week’s songs vary quite a lot. I will play acoustic, pop, rock, blues, country, R&B and more. Two newcomers joined TalentCast, a jazzy blues trio and a pop musician, both are from Germany.

Last week's Song of the Week competition was a close finish, there is just one vote difference between the number 1 and number 2. Somewhere halfway through the programme you will hear the winning song.

And more is happening this week: On Thursday evening, the 28th of September at 8pm (SET) we will have an album listening session. We will host "Thy Grace & Wisdom", the brand new album of The Imaginary Suitcase from Belgium. Of course you are welcome to join, to be among the first to hear the album, and to chat about it.

The first track of today is by a folk punk troubadour from Australia who is touring Europe at the moment.
Podcast of September 22 2017
Song of the Week
Went to Mars
Lital Yohay
Israeli singer, songwriter, composer and drummer Lital Yohay makes old school pop music, blade rock and fusion. At the age of 10 she started to play the piano. After that she learned to play the guitar and drums. Last year she released a debut EP.

Next to being a musician Lital Yohay teaches music, giving tuition in drums, vocals and creative writing.
Music video of Lital Yohay