Playlist of September 29 2017
The Imaginary Suitcase
Love is the most overrated thing in the world
Merlot Embargo
Freaks on a train
Gayle Skidmore
Alexx Calise
You belong to me
Gisel de Marco
I'll never see you again
Song of the Week
You were meant for me
Evija Vēbere
Dream whispers
180º Virvar
Trinity Yard
Miltos Marathon
Ego and romance
Entre eux deux
Ben B the Brave
Next to lots of other interesting independent music, I will play tracks from two brand new album releases, "Thy Grace & Wisdom" by Belgian singer-songwriter The Imaginary Suitcase and "Straight Stories" by Dutch band Chabliz. Just like last week, the music genres vary quite a lot.

Last week's voting was no close finish like two weeks ago. This time most of the votes came in for just one song by a singer who's first performance was in a karaoke bar, singing "Hero" by Mariah Carey.

If you joined our album listening session of yesterday (Thursday the 28th) you will recognize the first song.
Podcast of September 29 2017
Song of the Week
I'll never see you again
Gisel de Marco
Gisel de Marco (born in Rosario, Argentina) made her first home recorded album Blue Bay already at the age of 10. She discovered her love for singing after her first performance in a karaoke bar, singing Hero by Mariah Carey. Gisel continued performing in musicals, studied hip-hop and Persian dance, was a model for Falabella, won several contests for singing and songwriting, and was lead singer in a local band, named The Spanglish Band.

In 2007 Gisel de Marco joined formerly crowdfunding website SellaBand and raised $50,000 for the recording of her debut album All The Way. After the release in 2010, Gisel moved to Switzerland, toured Europe and Asia, and performed in countries like United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Russia.

In 2013 Gisel de Marco joined The Voice of Switzerland, became one of the 12 best singers, and got because of that a lot of attention from the Swiss audience and media. Later that year Gisel submitted two songs for the Swiss selections of the Eurovision Song Contest and made it to the national finals.