Independent music playlist of September 15 2017

Playlist of September 15 2017
Wyrządzaj się
Where the wIldflowers grow
Bit of quality time
Went to Mars
So long
Imitating angels
Pictures of you (2016 release)
It's up to us! (rock version)
Sugar daddy
Song of the Week
Get out
Because of you

It is strange that some artists join TalentCast and then never upload their music. Just one new solo musician has sent a track at the moment of the recording. You will hear him later on in the programme.

This week I will start with some folky tunes, then I will play some varied genres, and the last part of the programme/podcast is as usual reserved for some rock music.

Dutch listeners: If you like to meet me, Catself and Chabliz this Sunday, tune in.

The first folky tune I will play is from Chile.

Podcast of September 15 2017
Song of the Week
Sugar daddy
The project Moscato from Mackay (Australia) was started with sole purpose in mind, but expanded to a duo after a jam session. Since 2014 Moscato is a four-piece alternative blues and rock band, and released several EPs and full-length albums.