Playlist May 19 2017
Julie Lamb
Standing proudly
Julie Lamb is from Wellington (New Zealand). She describes her music as funky blues rock with a 70's vibe. On March 11 she released her latest album "Ordinary Days". She is also active in the Wellington music scene, promoting local bands and choirs.
Chameleon girlfriend
JoosTVD is the project of a Dutch musician and multi-instrumentalist. He started as a drummer, playing in several bands. Then he made music together with Wijnand Brant. Since the 90's Joost is a solo artist. Recently he released his twelfth album.
Amanda Campbell
Mother nature
Singer and songwriter Amanda Campbell lives in Santa Monica (California). She makes music as solo artist and is the front singer of The Strands. Currently Amanda Campbell and The Strands are finishing the recordings of their first full-length album.
Ellie Williams
The lighthouse
Nowadays singer-songwriter Ellie Williams from Exeter (UK), records and performs as a duo with Dave Ankers. "The Lighthouse" is a song from her second album "Hope", from the time when Ellie still performed solo.
Elizabeth Geyer
The party
Singer and songwriter Elizabeth Geyer from Australia describes herself as late bloomer. She started in music as freelance trumpet player in several bands, and released a debut album in 2000. Next to playing trumpet, she plays piano and flugelhorn.
Song of the Week
Casee Wilson
Scarlet Casanova
Casee Wilson from York (UK) started to make music at the beginning of this decade. Since then she released three albums and one EP independently via her own record label Tiny Cat Records.
It will hurt
VanderLinde is the project of bassist, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Arjan Vanderlinde from Groningen, the Netherlands. He released six albums, and got played on several regional and national Dutch and German radio stations.
Rion S
Stone cold
Rion S, the project of singer and composer Ryan Sewell from Ireland. He is working in the dance music scene is working on his debut album.
Rosa Sky
White electric wizard
Five-piece Dutch indie pop band Rosa Sky was formed in 2007. The band is fronted by lead singer Nicole Schouten. Their genre is a mix of folk, alternative, country and blues. In 2015 they released their third album, "White Electric Wizard".
Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band
Dodging raindrops
Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band was started in 2002 by guitarist and bass player Brad Curtis and some of his friends. They just released their fourth album, "Like A Sonic Gypsy".
All Those Ships
Broken cassette
All Those Ships is the project of singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Brandon MacNeil from Derry (New Hampshire, US).
The Symptoms
Persian tart
The Symptoms is the punk rock duo of Mister and Misses Symptom from Lunedale (UK). They write short songs, but I really enjoy them. A formerly cow shed is their recording studio.
Boardwalk Isabella
The world is a mirror
Boardwalk Isabella is a six-piece band from Devon (UK), formed in 2011 by rock funk artist and singer songwriter James C Hughes. They released one album, titled "Headed for the Promised Land" and one EP, titled "Clear The Decks".
Bad betrayer
Six-piece crossover band Kontrust from Austria was started in 2001. Since then they released four albums. In the upcoming months, they will perform in Austria, Germany and France. If they play near you, I recommend you go to see them.
Infinitus Mortus
One with the system
Infinitus Mortus is the symphonic metal project of Stephen Megna from New Jersey (US), started his 2008. Recently Stephen got the good news that Infinitus Mortus will open for Latin, rock and metal band Ill Niño in October.
There are always more listeners when I announce that the music in the programme is relaxed and peaceful. This week most songs are relaxed and peaceful, only at the very end I will play some rock.

Not so many of the songs in last week's programme got votes, but we have a clear winner, a self taught vocalist and pianist from York, the UK. If there is a song you like the most, this weekend is your last chance to vote before our summer break.

I will start the programme at the other site of the globe, in New Zealand. I will play a track from the latest album of a funky blues rock musician.
Song of the Week
Casee Wilson
Scarlet Casanova
Singer-songwriter Casee Wilson is a self taught vocalist and pianist from York (UK). She grew up with music from the 80's and started to write and to record her first songs at the beginning of this decade. Casee released three albums and one EP via her own record label Tiny Cat Records.
Charts May 19 2017
Casee Wilson
Scarlet Casanova
Franka De Mille
Oh my
Vintage ugly
Angie Arsenault
Lori Greco
Falling in love
Julia Marcell