Playlist May 12 2017
Franka De Mille
Oh my
Franka De Mille is an idependent singer, songwriter and composer from London. In 2010 she released her debut album "Bridge The Roads". The music is a mix of Americana, chamber music and alternative folk. The lyrics are deeply personal.
June Caravel
June Caravel from Paris started composing mellow and soul piano tunes. In 2008 she released a soul-pop debut album, followed by a a cappella album in 2012, and a rock 'n roll album in 2016. Her latest release is a single, "What You Doin' to Me".
Casee Wilson
Scarlet Casanova
Self taught vocalist and pianist Casee Wilson from York, UK has released three albums independently. Her music is influenced by pop music, synth pop and electronica from the 1980's.
Bloder Tango
Four-piece band Chabliz is from the Hague (the Netherlands), fronted by vocalist Petra de Winter. They have released one studio album (produced by Wim Oudijk), and one live album. Right now they are looking for a label to release a third album.
Gabby Young & Other Animals
Sur la lune
For a long time Gabby Young from London recorded and performed together with her band Other Animals. For the upcoming months she is going touring solo a lot, in the UK, France, Germany, Austria and more. The schedule is on her Facebook page.
World music and fusion group Radaid is for me one of the most interesting bands I have discovered via TalentCast. They are based in Guadalajara (Mexico) and formed in 1998.
Julia Marcell
Julia Marcell was born in Poland, currently she lives sometimes in Poland and sometimes in Berlin. She released her debut EP in 2007 and her first full-length album in 2009. In 2016 Julia released a fourth album, all lyric are in the Polish language.
Song of the Week
Randy Moore
Things I like
Country and Americana musician Randy Moore from Nashville (Tennessee, US) performed for the first time in a talent show at Humble Middle School in 1972. It was then Randy realized that making music and performing would be his future.
Mary Confurius
Dead horse
Dutch singer-songwriter Mary Confurius plays the guitar and records in her home studio. She released a debut EP "The Other" in 2013, a mix of light and dark songs and intimate lyrics.
Emma Black
Where dark horses roam
Independent blues and folk musician Emma Black from Wales released two albums. This spring and summer she will perform quite a lot, in the UK as well as in Finland.
Vintage ugly
Andrés&delange is the duo of Jeroen De Vliegher and Andrés Ambrogio from Belgium. This spring they released an album, titled "Hendrik Wou Een Zeeman Zijn". The lyrics are in the Dutch language, the vibe of the songs is melancholic and dark.
180º Virvar
180º Virvar is an independent Copenhagen (Denmark) based electronica/trip-hop project, started in 2004. Their music has some melancholic influences. This year they are planning to release their third album.
Cati James ft. Starry Knights
Pretty love
Starry Knights is the alternative pop and country/folk crossover project of performing artist and songwriter Paul Morabito from Boca Raton (Florida, US).
Lori Greco
Falling in love
At the age of three Lori Greco moved from Italy to Australia. She makes piano based songs, and her music is a mix of pop, country, orchestral and jazz. Lori released her first single in 2006. Since then she released two full-length albums.
Angie Arsenault
Angie Arsenault from Canada has released two solo albums, and an album together with her family. Her second solo album was accompanied by a short film, which features a compilation of the album tracks.
This time almost all of the songs in the programme are down-tempo. All songs are from interesting albums, maybe you would like to check out some of them. I will play less mainstream music than usual, and I will play a few darker tracks. The first song is from London by singer, songwriter and composer who has made a fantastic album a few years ago.
Song of the Week
Randy Moore
Things I Like
Randy Moore is a country and Americana musician from Tennessee, US. He started to write his first songs and to perform in the 1970's already. Since then Randy has performed in the United States, and also frequently abroad. He played concerts in Shanghai, China, Monaco, Saudi Arabia and Canada. His newest album release is titled Hwy 59.
Charts May 12 2017
Randy Moore
Things I like
More than ever
Together we can
Muukalainen (Lost love)
Lil TaRus
Do me like that
Inception love song
Saint Nicholas Orchestra (Orkiestra św. Mikołaja)
Bydlo (live)
Life in a bubble