Playlist May 5 2017
More than ever
Bonnie is pop/rock band from Montevideo (Uruguay), formed in 2007 by three friends. They released an EP, a full-length album and a single.
Keko Yoma
Cambia el norte
Keko Yoma is based in Santiago (Chile). Currently the band has six members. Their music is a blend of rock, ska, Latin rhythms and comedy theater. "Cambia el norte" is their newest single and will be one of the tracks on their upcoming album.
Saint Nicholas Orchestra (Orkiestra św. Mikołaja)
Bydlo (live)
Saint Nicholas Orchestra (Orkiestra Świętego Mikołaja) is one of the oldest and best known folk bands of Poland, formed in 1988 already.
Muukalainen (Lost love)
Kardemimmit is a folk music quartet, started in 1999 in Espoo (Finland. All members sing and play kantele, a Finnish traditional instrument.
Magnolian ft. Tselmuun
The bride & the bachelor
Magnolian is the project of indie folk singer-songwriter Dulguun Bayasgalan from Mongolia. He released a debut single in 2015, and a debut EP in 2016. Last year, he had his first international showcase in Japan. This spring he performed at SXSW (US).
Song of the Week
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila
Take me all the way
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila is a four-piece independent band from Italy.
Together we can
Curfew is the electronic music project of composer and producer Sönke Prigge from London. On April the 29th, he released a new EP, titled "Omicron", "Together We Can" is a track from it.
Lil TaRus
Do me like that
Lil TaRus is a self-taught musician from Texas. Music has been a part of his life for over twenty years already. He made his first home recorded single when he was eight years old. At the age of seventeen he recorded his first single in a studio.
Inception love song
Ralphe is from Auckland, New Zealand. Our regular listeners will recognize him as the singer of This Flight Tonight. This spring he released "Departure Lounge EP", an EP with five easy listening tracks.
Randy Moore
Things I like
Randy Moore is a country and Americana musician from Nashville (Tennessee, US). He started to write his first songs and to perform in the 1970's already. Since then Randy has performed in the United States, and also frequently abroad.
Life in a bubble
TuneConcept is the ambient, electronica and alternative pop/rock project of Johan Rajala from Göteborg (Sweden). He produces his music in his home studio, uses Avid ProTools for the recording and mixing, and doesn't master his songs.
The Ritz Club
The Ritz Club is a five-piece indie basement rock band from Chicago (Illinois, US).
Jar of lies
SPiN is a four-piece alternative pop, rock and powerpop band from Philadelphia (US). Their recording studio is based in a 150 year old funeral home. In January they released a new EP, titled "Meant to Rise".
Miltos Marathon
Mr No Way
Miltos Marathon is the project of Miltiadis Chalkidis from Larisa (Greece). He explains why he uses the name Marathon. He compares life with a long-distance running competition, in his case it is a music marathon.
I think I have prepared an attractive playlist for you. This week you will hear two TalentCast newcomers, two tracks from brand new albums, some relaxed music at the beginning, and some rock at the end.

This week's Song of the Week is a convincing winner again. Far out most of our listeners voted for a four-piece band from Italy. In about twenty minutes I will tell you who won.

I start the programme with a happy tune by a band from Uruguay.
Song of the Week
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila is the four-piece band of vocalist Davide Artusato, guitarist and vocalist Stefano Silenzi, pianist Ivan Prevedello and drummer Roberto Parolin. They are from Italy, the band was formed in 2008, and their music style is a blend of Mexican roots, rock, Latin and blues. They released one full-length album and two EPs, available on iTunes.
Charts May 5 2017
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila
Take me all the way
The Strands
Love is on the line
Piet Louter
Broken life
So high
Voluptas Mors
Dim the lights
Morgan Wilson
This isn't happening