Playlist Apr 28 2017
Too young
Moarn is an electronic, downtempo and chill-out solo project from Barcelona, Spain. This spring he released his newest album, titled "Five".
Amycanbe is a trip-hop band from Cervia (Italy), started in 2002 by Marco Trinchillo and Mattia Mercuriali. Since 2005 they are a quartet and released three albums.
Voluptas Mors
Dim the lights
Voluptas Mors is a trip-hop/downtempo/chill lounge/nu-jazz project with pop music influences, started at the beginning of this year by a recording artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Barcelona (Spain), and accompanied by guest vocalists.
Morgan Wilson
This isn't happening
Indie pop singer-songwriter Morgan Wilson is from Kingwood, Texas. Two weeks ago she received the good news that she is one of the 40 persons who got accepted into the summer songwriting workshop at NYU.
The Strands
Love is on the line
The Strands is a jazz/pop band from Santa Monica (US), formed in 2011 by bassist Paul, and fronted by British soul singer-songwriter Amanda Campbell.
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila
Take me all the way
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila is an independent band from Italy, consisting of four friends. They perform frequently in their home country.
La Strange
Far away
La Strange is the rock project of lead singer and songwriter Angela Castelanirock from Mantova (Italy). Her songs are about her life experiences. Music has always been Angela's favourite way of escape.
Richard Lynch
A better place
Richard Lynch is a traditional country musician, American farmer and radio host from Ohio (US). "A Better Place" is the title track of his latest album, which he released in June 2015.
Piet Louter
Broken life
Dutch folk/pop singer-songwriter Piet Louter was born in 1953 and started writing songs at the age of fifteen. He took a break in making music for twenty years, instead he worked as a farmer. He released two albums since he is back in music.
Song of the Week
Clive Barratt
These are the rules
Clive Barratt is an independent rock/pop musician and full-time airline pilot from British Columbia (Canada).
Coreign is the progressive hard rock duo of composers Curry and Reti from Switzerland, started in April 2013. "Pokerface" is a track from their brand new album "Lucidity".
So high
Lee-Leet from Warsaw (Poland) sings, writes music and lyrics, and accompanies herself on piano. She performed in her home country, The Netherlands, Germany, Finland and Switzerland.
Classic rock project Mortice was founded by John O'Leary and Billy Rankin. Together with Bernie Shaw, Kenny Cobain, Steve White and Alan Shipman, they released the album "Mayhem". This independently released album is available on iTunes and Amazon.
This week I selected some music I personally enjoy. I will also play you two TalentCast newcomers, both are from Barcelona, and, as usual, you will hear the new Song of the Week too. Last week the votes mainly came in for a musician and full-time airline pilot from Vancouver, Canada.

For our regular listeners: After this week I will only bring you four new editions of TalentCast before the summer break. This year the summer break will start a month earlier than usual, because I have a lot of maintenance to do, and I hope there will also be some time left to enjoy the summer.

This time I start the programme in Barcelona with the first newcomer to TalentCast.
Song of the Week
Clive Barratt
These Are The Rules
Clive Barratt lives in British Columbia (Canada), raised in Lancashire (England), got his first guitar when he was twelve years old, and started writing songs at the age of sixteen. Next to being a musician, he is a full-time airline pilot.

In 2014 Clive Barratt released his debut album Wall of Storms, recorded and produced by Rob Begg at Marpole Recording Studio. This twelve-track album is a nice compilation of love songs, dance songs and protest songs,
Charts Apr 28 2017
Clive Barratt
These are the rules
Inge Maria
A mile straight down
Gisel de Marco
Not enough of a man
Ampia Vista
To the top
David Folsom
Too busy to miss me
Electric Fence
Ready, steady, go!
Natalia Safran
Big wave
Red Ant Band
Rock steady
This Flight Tonight