Playlist of April 21 2017

Playlist of April 21 2017
Too busy to miss me
David Folsom comes from Spokane, Washington and lives in Nashville. At the age of ten he started to compose songs for trumpet and piano. Later he learned to play the guitar, earned an Associate in Arts degree and released his first single in 1987.
Dutch singer-songwriter Inge-Maria grew up with music and art. At the age of fifteen she learned to play the guitar and piano, and started to write her first songs. Her music varies from easy listening and ballads to pop music and up-tempo songs.
Big wave
Singer, songwriter and producer Natalia Safran comes from Poznan (Poland) and lives in Los Angeles. She writes songs and performs together with her brother Mikołaj Mick Jaroszyk. Several of her songs have been used in soundtracks of Hollywood movies.
Little voice
Lucia Lilikoi is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and educator, born in Sevilla (Spain), living in Los Angeles. She has a background in classical piano and released three albums. Some of her songs have been used in documentaries and movies.
Ces quelques lignes
Singer-songwriter Suzanne Aurore started to perform in 2004 in an eight-piece band. Since 2013 she performs solo and released an eleven-track album. Currently she is working on a new EP.
A mile straight down
Kailyarders from White Rock (Canada) was formed by former members of Three Row Barley. Since April 2017 this Celtic, Irish and Scottish folk band has five members, because after playing one show with them, Shamma Sabir agreed to strengthen the group.
On the run
Folk-punk troubadour Benny Mayhem lives at the west coast of Australia. This spring he is planning to tour Australia, together with his band. After this tour he will come back to tour Europe again, this time accompanied by his band.
To the top
Ampia Vista is a solo project from Italy. He sings, plays guitar, uses digital multi-tracking and multi-voiced choruses, which makes his music sound like it is being played by a band.
These are the rules
Clive Barratt comes from Lancashire (England) and lives near Vancouver (Canada). He released a twelve-track debut album, titled "Wall of Storms" in 2014. Next to making music, Clive is a full-time airline pilot.
Bring the invasion
Song of the Week
Indie punk rock band The Smashed Idols is based in Houston (Texas).
Rock steady
Red Ant Band from Norwich (UK), is formed in 2014 by Mike Lee. He wrote the songs for the debut EP in the 1960s already, but transformed them into modern versions. The EP is recorded together with Justin Brand. Since 2015 they are a three-piece band.
This Flight Tonight is a dynamic rock project of Ralph Warren Engle from Auckland, New Zealand. Nowadays he also releases music under another project name, Ralphe.
Not enough of a man
Gisel de Marco is an independent singer, songwriter and vocal coach from Argentina, living in Zürich (Switzerland). Her first performance was in a karaoke bar, singing “Hero” by Mariah Carey. On that moment she realized singing was her destiny.
Ready, steady, go!
This Romanian project started as RAZA. In 2010 founcers Elena Vasile and David Ciente decided to change the name to Electric Fence, and to change the genre. Now they are a five-piece band, known in Romania, their music frequently played on the radio.
Red in black
Tassos Sotirakis is an independent musician and actor from Athens (Greece), born in 1980. He composes music for movies, performs and is a teacher.

I have made a varied programme for you. I will play some mellow tunes, some singer-songwriters, some jazz, some rock and I will end with an instrumental piece.

A three-piece band from the UK joined TalentCast last week. You will hear them later in the programme, directly after the new Song of the Week.

I liked the voting of last week. Quite many votes came in for four of the songs I played. Just one can win, and in about half an hour you will hear which song it is.

TalentCast - Edition 417
Song of the Week
Bring The Invasion
The Smashed Idols
The Smashed Idols is the two-person indie punk rock band of John and George from Houston, Texas. Both sing, John is the drummer and George plays the guitar.