Playlist Apr 14 2017
June Caravel
Girls don't do that
Singer-songwriter June Caravel from Paris started her musical career with artist name T-ka, and released a jazzy/soul album. As June Caravel she released an a cappella and a rock 'n roll album. She is a rock 'n roll dancer since the age of twelve.
A shield
Last week singer and composer CATSELF from Espoo, Finland released a new song again, accompanied by a refreshing video, which you can watch on YouTube. On her Bandcamp profile you can get the song and read the lyrics.
The beach song
Magnolian is the project of indie folk singer-songwriter Dulguun Bayasgalan, living in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). In 2015 he was the only solo act on Mongolia's biggest music festival "Playtime". A year later he released his first EP, "Famous Men".
Cy Vanka
That is love!
Cy Vanka is the project of Cyriel van Kappel from The Netherlands. He started writing songs at the age of thirteen, studied Music registration/Art of sound, worked in various recording studio's, plays in a Dutch pop group and works in health care.
Lital Yohay
Lital Yohay is a singer, songwriter, drummer and guitarist from Kfar (Saba, Israel), born in 1986. She was awarded by American Tracks Music Awards for Best Single and Best Independent Artist. Next to making music, she works as a music teacher.
Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian
I can't believe
The music of composer Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian from Níkaia (Attiki, Greece) is influenced by his Armenian origins. He plays rock and classical guitar, and blends folk, rock and ethnic genres. This song is taken from his album "Whispers Of The Soul"
Lady Citizen
I need chill out
DJ and producer Lady Citizen, aka Jun Fukanaga, comes a from Japan and lives in London since 2011. She started making electronica, bass and club music at the age of eighteen. "I Need Chill Out" is a track from her latest album "Unreleased Works".
Wild Forest
Spinning gold
Five friends from Denmark, living together on a farm and making music for several years already, decided to start folk and rock band Wild Forest not long ago. "Spinning Gold" is their debut single.
This Awkward Moment
World's end
Four-piece post-grunge rock band This Awkward Moment is based in Idaho (US) and was formed in 2015. Last year they released a debut EP, "Crawling out of the Canyon". The band fuses rap and rock. Every member contributes to a new song as songwriter.
Song of the Week
Heaven will rock on
Moscato is an indie alternative blues and rock band, based in Mackay (Australia). This project started as a duo, but since 2014 they are a group of four.
Vinny Davis & Our Daily Haze
Mr. Motivator man
Vinny Davis is a self taught independent musician from New York, who releases his music via his own record label VDM/Unusual Spreads.
The Village
Always on her mind
Phil Matthews, living in Derby (UK), started The Village in 2013 after having played in several bands. He uses The Village as an outlet for his recent songs. He records and performs usually solo, sometimes as a duo, and accompanies himself on guitar.
The Smashed Idols
Bring the invasion
Indie punk rock band The Smashed Idols is based in Houston (Texas).
Angry face
Indie post-hard rock trio HarryBigButton is based in Seoul (South Korea). The band was formed in 2011. They released two EPs and one full-length album. Currently they are touring the Russian Federation.
Feñez & Keko Yoma
La guitarra
Until 2015 Feñez León from Valparaíso (Chile) was the front man, founder, author and composer of the band Keko Yoma. "La Guitarra" is the last track on his solo debut album, which is titled "NºA". In this song he performs once again with Keko Yoma.
This time I will present you a new TalentCast solo artist from Israel and a new TalentCast band from Denmark. I will also play you some new songs by artists I have played before, some interesting album tracks, and of course our new Song of the Week.

I will start in Paris, with a track from the third and latest album of a singer-songwriter/vocal explorer.
Song of the Week
Heaven Will Rock On
Moscato is an alternative blues and rock band from Mackay, Australia. The band was started by the jamming duo Jo and Monkey, and grew out to the four-piece band of lyricist and singer Jo, electric guitar player Pup, keyboardist Kaz Donnely and bass player Kerin Shaw.

Moscato released quite many singles and EPs, all available on iTunes.
Charts Apr 14 2017
Heaven will rock on
Die Gedanken sind frei
Howling Owl
Dance for common sense
Alex Highton
I just found out today
Happy pills
Ice in my glass