Playlist Apr 7 2017
Ice in my glass
Shavonne grew up in South Africa in a musical family. Together they moved to New Zealand in 2006. She always had a passion for traditional country music and decided to make in herself, which lead to the release of a debut album "My Own Peculiar Way".
Martin van de Vrugt
Drop my case
Martin van de Vrugt is a singer-songwriter from Deventer, the Netherlands, who accompanies himself on guitar and harmonica. His songs are about his experiences in life an about his views on world events.
Alex Highton
I just found out today
Singer-songwriter Alex Highton lives in Liverpool. In his twenties he started to write his first gentle folk songs, accompanying himself on guitar. Now he is working on his third album "Welcome To Happiness". You can pre-order it via Pledge Music.
Mysti Mayhem
I'm not here
Singer, songwriter and guitarist Mysti Mayhem from North Carolina (US), released a debut album "Diversity" in 2008. She wants to connect people through healing music. Her latest release is a three-track EP, titled "Psychedelic Strawberry Shortcake".
Darren J Claxton
Singer-songwriter Darren J Claxton lives in Derbyshire, UK. He started playing music at the age of nine, is a self-taught guitarist, drummer, percussionist and keyboardist. When he was eleven years old, he joined a band, since 2003 he performs solo.
We luv the sunshine
Snippet is the solo-project of independent musician Johnno Casson, living in Colchester (UK). "We Luv The Sunshine" is featured on the soundtrack of the movie "The Space Between". Next to Snippet, Johnno runs more music projects and he is a blogger.
Happy pills
Musician and multi-instrumentalist JoosTVD lives in the Netherlands. This month he will release his twelfth album "Sagitario". This song "Happy Pills" is one of the songs you will find on it.
Song of the Week
The Crocked Monsieurs
Why am I alone
Chris Howard and Colin Batters from South London started The Crocked Monsieurs in 2013. This year they plan to release new songs and videos.
Die Gedanken sind frei
ElectroMush is a unique multicultural international project, based in Ukraine and started four years ago. They convert old folk songs into modern electronic music, but keep the lyrics in their native language.
Howling Owl
Dance for common sense
Evija Vēbere from Latvia and Lav Kovač from Serbia met while studying in Groningen (the Netherlands), became friends and started Howling Owl in 2015. This duo describes their music as avant-pop with a liberal approach to modern music.
Heaven will rock on
Australian alternative blues and rock band Moscato was started by Jo and Adrian. Since 2014 the band expanded to four members.
Hard to ignore
Four-piece alternative pop, rock and powerpop band SPiN is based in Philadelphia (US). They release their music independently and record in their studio, which is located inside a 150 year old funeral home.
Strange days
Allside is an independent rock band from Szczecin (Poland), formed by Paul Marcinkiewicz and Rafał Daroszewski.
Rewind is a young five-piece rock band from the Netherlands, formed in 2010 by Matthijs and Thomas Herkenraad. Since lead singer Leida Daalmeijer left the band, it's quiet about them.
Jürgen Joherl
Oh Georgie!
Jürgen Joherl comes from Germany and lives in Amsterdam. In the past he was the bassist in several bands. Since 2003 Jürgen composes and produces instrumental music for his solo project.
I don't have any completely new independent music for you this week, but you will hear some new songs by artists I have played before.

First, some relaxed songs from solo artists. Later on, I will play some bands with louder music and at the end, an instrumental piece by an artist from Amsterdam.

The first solo artist is a country musician from New Zealand.
Song of the Week
The Crocked Monsieurs
Why Am I Alone
Songwriters Colin Batters and Chris Howard live in London. They know each other already for a long time, because they played together in several cover bands. In 2013 they decided to start their own duo, named The Crocked Monsieurs.

The Crocked Monsieurs released four singles, several videos and a debut album, titled Bordering' the Trainline. This year they want to release more new songs and videos. Below you can watch their newest video.
Charts Apr 7 2017
The Crocked Monsieurs
Why am I alone
Katie Thompson
Keep your memory
Amanda Campbell
Let it go
Burning Table
Burning table
Merlot Embargo
We all fall down
Rock City Seven
Sitting in the sun
Tiffany Gow
Death of me
Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society
Till I belong to you
The Flowered Gnomes
Make me feel alright
Heartbeat of the world