Playlist Mar 31 2017
Amanda Campbell
Let it go
Our regular listeners might recognize the voice of soulful singer and songwriter Amanda Campbell. She comes from London, nowadays she lives in California. Amanda is also lead singer in The Strands, a band I have played several times on TalentCast.
Katie Thompson
Keep your memory
Katie Thompson is a country singer-songwriter, from Christchurch, New Zealand. Her music is not strictly country, she blends other genres too, like rock, pop and folk. She released two albums. Her latest release in a live EP, titled "Moving On".
Merlot Embargo
We all fall down
Merlot Embargo is the independent pop duo of Scarlet and Geoff from Los Angeles. Their music is a blend of vintage rock, country, and world music. When they record in their home studio or when they perform, they frequently recruit other musicians.
Southbound train
VanderLinde is the project of Arjan Vanderlinde from Groningen, the Netherlands. He is a bassist, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, released six albums, and got airplay on Dutch and German radio. He frequently plays together with other musicians.
The Crocked Monsieurs
Why am I alone
The Crocked Monsieurs was started in 2013. This is the duo of Chris Howard and Colin Batters from London. They released four singles, and a debut album "Bordering' the Trainline" in 2015. This year they are planning to release new songs and videos.
Song of the Week
Ophelia Syndrome
Bait and switch
Canadian indie band Ophelia Syndrome consists of four full-time musician and was started in 2002. Three of the members are school friends and are graduates from the Mohawk College Music Program. Cellist Trina Nadeau was invited to join this trio.
Alexx Calise
Singer, songwriter and guitarist Alexx Calise lives in Los Angeles. Her song "Cry" became a hit and sold over 50,000 downloads, after being played on the lifetime show "Dance Moms". Next to being a musician, Alexx is also pursuing an acting career.
Heartbeat of the world
The band World5 from Reno, Nevada, US, started in 2011 with five friends, all professional musicians. Since then the line-up has changed several times, but the band still consists of five musicians. They released two albums.
Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society
Till I belong to you
Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society was formed in 2004. They a four-piece alternative rock band from San Juan, Puerto Rico, US. They released two full-length albums and perform frequently in and around Puerto Rico.
The Flowered Gnomes
Make me feel alright
Four-piece indie band The Flowered Gnomes from New York City was formed in 2014. Their main genres are classic rock and rock 'n roll, but they blend other genres too. They released a self-titled debut album in 2014 and two other albums in 2015.
Rock City Seven
Sitting in the sun
Rock City Seven is a independent rock band from Chicago, US. In 2009 they started off as a seven-piece band, currently there are five members. They call themselves a cover band, but occasionally they record and play original music too.
Tiffany Gow
Death of me
Tiffany Gow, living in New South Wales, Australia, describes herself as a passionate singer, songwriter and voice over artist. As teenager she studied vocal techniques. She released two albums and promises to release new songs and videos this year.
Burning Table
Burning table
The story of five-piece alternative rock band Burning Table from Romania started in 2011. Their genre is a mix of classic rock, psychedelic rock, post rock and electronica. In 2013 they released a self-titled debut album.
I have two TalentCast newcomers for you this time, although the first one will not be completely new to you. It's the singer of a band I have played several times before. And yes, also this week we have a Song of the Week. You will hear who won in about twenty minutes.

In the first part of the programme I will play you peaceful and relaxed music. In rest of the programme I will play mainly classic rock and rock 'n roll.

I start with the singer I have just explained. Maybe you will recognize her soulful voice.
Song of the Week
Ophelia Syndrome
Bait and Switch
Most of the members of Canadian indie band Ophelia Syndrome went to school together. cellist Trina Nadeau didn't, but was invited to join. Together they started Ophelia Syndrome in 2002. The band name was a term Deanna Wells first heard in high school when she was studying the complicated character of Ophelia from Hamlet. They are full-time musicians, teach private music lessons, and play at festivals, pubs, weddings and funerals.

In this interview by Glodeane Brown you can read more about Ophelia Syndrome.
Charts Mar 31 2017
Ophelia Syndrome
Bait and switch
Goofy Cow
Give it up
Arda & The Stolen Moon
Crazy bridge
Gayle Skidmore
Barrel, trigger, gun
Alex Ganassini
Virtual love
Jake Aldridge featuring Lisa Ambrose
New Nobility