Playlist Mar 24 2017
Arda & The Stolen Moon
Crazy bridge
Arda & The Stolen Moon is the project of singer-songwriter and piano player Arda G from Cyprus. Together with her band, Arda released her debut album "Minutes Into Years" last year. It's available as CD, limited edition LP and of course as download.
Gayle Skidmore
Barrel, trigger, gun
Singer-songwriter Gayle Skidmore lives in San Diego, California. Currently she is performing a lot, playing songs from her upcoming third album "The Golden West", for which she is raising funds on GoFundMe.
Ophelia Syndrome
Bait and switch
Four-piece Canadian indie band Ophelia Syndrome exists since 2002. Three of the band members are schoolmates, except for cellist Trina Nadeau. She was invited by vocalist and keyboardist Deanna Wells. Everybody in the band is a full-time musician.
Jake Aldridge featuring Lisa Ambrose
R&B and hip-hop artist Jake Aldridge lives in a small village named Reydon, located in Suffolk (UK). When he was eleven, his father passed away in a tragic accident. Since then he used making music as a positive way of expressing himself.
Derk Jickface
Itty bitty ditty
Derk Jickface is a DJ, living in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, US He was one of the founders of the formerly band Brothermaniac.
New Nobility
New Nobility is an alternative rock trio from Sydney, Australia. Their music is straight-forward rock with political lyrics. They promote justice and world peace and won the World Peace and Music Award in India. Nowadays they also make dance music.
Alex Ganassini
Virtual love
Alex Ganassini is an indie alternative and rock composer from Italy. He released his debut album in 2009 and this year Alex will release his fourth album, titled "Fake". "Virtual love" will be on this album.
Song of the Week
Aly Cook
Western line
"Western line" is the newest single release of New Zealand based country singer-songwriter Aly Cook, taken from her second album "Horseshoe Rodeo Hotel". This year Aly will start as TV host, promoting country musicians from New Zealand.
Goofy Cow
Give it up
Goofy Cow is a three piece punk rock band band from Olomouc, Czech Republic, with vocalist and bassist Ljů, vocalist and guitarist Kjůbs and drummer Venca RektStar.
Terra Nova
Come alive
Four-piece Dutch classic rock band Terra Nova was formed in 1992 and released their debut album in 1995. The band split in 1999 after having troubles with their Dutch record company. In 2005 they reunited again and have released six albums already.
Six-piece rock and metal band Firesphere from Orlando, Florida recently released a debut album, titled "Requiem". Currently they are performing in Florida to promote their album.
Coreign is the progressive hard rock duo of Curry and Reti from Switzerland. This project was started in 2013, but with a different name: Core. They changed the band name, because so many bands use the name Core already. They released eight albums.
Samuli.T.Mäkelä is an autodidact guitarist and composer from Finland. Next to composing music for himself, he composes for several other bands. He performs with Finnish pop rock band Seele as guitarist.
Today in the programme: Two TalentCast newcomers, some new songs we received from our artists, some news about upcoming events and of course our new Song of the Week winner. Last week's voting brought us a clear winner for this week, a country musician from New Zealand and soon also a TV host on Kiwi Country TV.

Releasing music on vinyl is hot nowadays. This weekend the postman brought me a parcel with an LP in it. Today's first song comes from that LP.

Some good news for the people who prefer to download our podcast: Since this week we have a faster internet connection. From now on you can download TalentCast almost three times faster than before.
Song of the Week
Aly Cook
Western Line
Aly Cook's genre is a mix of country, blues and folk. Since the release of her debut album Brand New Day in 2011, she has five times been nominated for New Zealand Female Country Artist of the Year. In 2012 she awarded the title.

Currently Aly Cook is promoting her latest album Horseshoe Rodeo Hotel. This song Western Line is the latest single taken from it. Like with many of her singles, it is accompanied with a video, which you can watch below.

Aly Cook's latest project is Kiwi Country TV, a show with videos and interviews of New Zealand based artists, filmed at picturesque locations. This year we can expect the first episodes.
Charts Mar 24 2017
Aly Cook
Western line
Sylvain Moraillon
Do you think
Rosa Sky
When I was your dog
Steve Andrews
Living book
Mack Meadows
Too many hands on my time
Un cri dans la nuit
Lil TaRus
We in this
Massimiliano Paternò
A noi ci piace
Richard Lynch
Last of a dying breed