Playlist Mar 17 2017
Richard Lynch
Last of a dying breed
Richard Lynch is a traditional country musician from Waynesville, Ohio, US. He is an American farmer, radio host, and performs hundreds of times a year across the US. This song is a tribute to the American military veterans.
Mack Meadows
Too many hands on my time
Country and blues musician Mack Meadows is from Key Largo, Florida and accompanies himself on guitar. He performs solo, as studio session musician as well as chamber musician. Next to being musician he gives guitar lessons.
Aly Cook
Western line
"Western line" is the newest single release of country singer-songwriter Aly Cook from New Zealand. This song is taken from her latest album "Horseshoe Rodeo Hotel". On YouTube you can find a video Aly made for this song.
Elmalita is a solo musician from Harderwijk, the Netherlands. It's hard to find any information about her on the internet, but I like the music.
Rosa Sky
When I was your dog
The five-piece Dutch indie pop band Rosa Sky was formed in 2007 and is fronted by female singer Nicole Schouten. The band consists of a singer, two guitarists, a bassist and a drummer.
Orquesta Arrecife
Orquesta Arrecife in an instrumental music project from Madrid in Spain, started in 2011.
Lasse Karhu
Lasse Karhu is an instrumental music composer from Kouvola, Finland who's music is influenced by classical and movie composers. Lasse also runs a furniture restoration business.
Un cri dans la nuit
Laïxa is the indie rock and pop duo of singer Paméla and instrumentalist Chris from France. This song is a track from their latest album "Elixir".
Hold on
Nemesea is a Dutch independent alternative rock band from Groningen. Lead singer Manda Ophuis left the band. Hendrik Jan, Sonny and Steven will continue with a new singer and are writing songs for their upcoming fifth studio album right now.
Song of the Week
Waiting room
Singer-songwriter Catself from Espoo, Finland is currently recording new songs in her studio. This song is her newest recording for which you can read the lyrics on her Bandcamp profile and watch a video on her YouTube channel.
Massimiliano Paternò
A noi ci piace
Italian self-taught independent musician Massimiliano Paternò started to play the bass, guitar, drums and percussion at the age of seventeen. Last year he released his first solo album and this single.
Lil TaRus
We in this
Lil TaRus is a self-taught musician, born 1990 in Houston, Texas. He recorded his first self produced song at the age of eight. Nine years later he recorded his first single in a professional studio. Currently he is working on his first studio album.
The Village
Land called Far away
The Village is the project of singer-songwriter and guitarist Phil Matthews from the UK, started in 2013. About 25 years ago he started to write and to record his first songs, which are influenced by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and the Lightning Seeds.
Steve Andrews
Living book
Singer-songwriter Steve Andrews lives in Lisbon, Portugal. At the moment he travels frequently to Northstone Studios in Wales for the recording of an album with producer Jayce Lewis.
Sylvain Moraillon
Do you think
Sylvain Moraillon is an author, musician and producer from Paris. He likes challenges: Was a stage sound engineer, worked for Unicef, founded a music school, a media production company and an association to fight against institutional ill-treatments.
This week I will play a lot of new independent musicians and bands, and all of them joined TalentCast last week. Next to that we have received some new songs from artists who have already been played on TalentCast for a while. So, even if you are a regular listener, you will hear a lot of new tunes.

On Monday the 20th, our website and mail server will be down for some hours because of maintenance work.
Song of the Week
Waiting Room
Catself lives in Espoo, Finland, tours everywhere she can and accompanies herself on the guitar and piano. Her songs are catchy, her lyrics intelligent and she has a beautiful voice. Her stories are different and very original, often nature oriented. Don't expect sad love stories or other clichés from her.

Catself has recorded her debut album in Preisner Studio in Poland, accompanied by Poland's folk band, Saint Nicholas Orchestra. The album was recorded and mixed by Tadeusz Mieczkowski, one of Poland's leading sound engineers. Catself had raised over €40,000 via crowdfunding to fund this project. A big part of her budget, meant for physical CDs and sending them to the album funders, got lost when the crowdfunding company went bankrupt, which has been delaying the release. Catself is looking for a good record label to release her album with.

Below you can watch a very nice video (recorded at Aalto University campus in Espoo, Finland) Catself made for this song. On her YouTube cannel she has posted many more of her original videos, including one of the songs from the upcoming album.

Website of Catself
Charts Mar 17 2017
Waiting room
New Nobility
Make a better world
Aryn Michelle
End of the Renaissance
My heart prayer
Dance of war