Playlist Mar 10 2017
Rion S
Hard times
Rion S, the project of singer-songwriter Ryan Sewell from Ireland. He is working on his debut album and is vocalist in the dance music scene, working with several producers worldwide.
Annie Bacon
The baby suite
Annie Bacon is a folk rock musician from San Francisco, California. In 2009 she composed a folk opera. Since she became a mother in 2011, her music changed. Now she plays together with her band OSHEN and her songs lean more on emotional expression.
Starry Knights
White feather
Starry Knights is the alternative pop and country/folk crossover project of Paul Morabito from Boca Raton, Florida, US. He is a singer-songwriter and his lyrics are based on his experiences, emotions and contemplations in life.
Waiting room
Catself has a finished album waiting to be released, but now she is already recording new songs in her studio in Espoo, Finland. "Waiting room" is her latest release and on YouTube you will find a very nice video for it, directed by herself.
Kalika is an indie singer-songwriter from Liverpool, UK. In 2014 she released her debut album "And a Little Bit of Chutney", a jazzy and uplifting folk album. When she performs, Ed Shred accompanies her regularly on double bass.
My heart prayer
GoLian is the project of folk, country, alternative and rock musician Paul Golian from Ontario, Canada. In the 70's he played in a band as keyboardist and guitarist. After a long break in music, he started this solo project and released an EP.
Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian ft. Irini Voutsina
I'll be leavin' you
Greek musician Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian is a songwriter and a rock and classical guitar player. He blends folk, rock and ethnic genres. His songs are influenced by his Armenian origins. In 2015 he released a debut album "The truth, what truth?".
Song of the Week
Sparrow is defined as a punk-pop solo act from Tennessee, US. He started his project at the beginning of this century and has released several singles and albums since then.
The Ritz Club
Walk away
The Ritz Club is a five-piece indie basement rock band from Chicago, Illinois, US. Last year they released a four-track self titled debut EP and a single, titled "The Spooky Walk".
Aryn Michelle
End of the Renaissance
Dallas based singer-songwriter Aryn Michelle started writing songs and taught herself piano and guitar as teenager. Later she studied at Berklee College of Music. In 2014 she switched to writing Christian music and released an album, titled "Depth".
Kepler Junction
Running man
Kepler Junction is the duo of Graham and Kevin from Plymouth (Devon, UK), formed in 2012. They record, mix and master in their own studio, named "The Cave" and aim to to release one new song every six weeks.
New Nobility
Make a better world
New Nobility is an indie alternative rock trio from Sydney, Australia. Music is their platform to promote justice and world peace. They don't solely make peaceful rock, but try to find the right balance between poisonous rock, peace and activism.
Lunic is the project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kaitee Page from Dallas, Texas. She is a classically trained violist. In her music she uses contemporary and classical instruments as well as electronic instruments.
Dance of war
Electronic group Nearfield, based in Portugal, released a thirteen track debut album in 2011. It's titled "PopFace" and crowd-funded by fans from all over the world. The music genre varies from slow down-tempo songs to fast dance.
This week I will play you singer-songwriters, peaceful rock, folk and some electronica.

We had a nice voting last week, which was mainly between two solo artists, one from Tennessee, United States and the other from Espoo, Finland. In about half an hour you will find out who they are and who else gathered the most votes when the voting ended, on Monday evening at midnight.

I will start the programme with a singer-songwriter from Ireland.
Song of the Week
Sparrow is an independent musician and student film maker from Maryville, Tennessee, United States. Since the age of ten he fell in love with entertaining. He started this project at the beginning of this century and recruited a drummer, guitarist and bassist. He describes Sparrow as an acoustic punk-pop solo act.

Sparrow moved to Maryville to be closer to his family. To discover the local music scene, he joined the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Association. Since then he released several albums and singles, all are available on iTunes.
Charts Mar 10 2017
Christer Holm
Night flight (dance remix)
Morgan Wilson
Love stuck
RazzMaTazz Music
Each second
LaWanda Lee
Miltos Marathon
Smoke from the chimney
Sim Sibanda