Playlist Mar 3 2017
Andrés&delange is the duo of Jeroen De Vliegher and Andrés Ambrogio from Belgium. They write songs in the Dutch language. The lyrics are melancholic. This song is a track from their brand new album "Hendrik Wou Een Zeeman Zijn", available via iTunes.
Italian trip-hop band Amycanbe started in 2002 as a duo. Since 2005 they are a four-piece band and started to perform in clubs, theatres and local bars. They are still going strong, perform frequently and have released three albums at the moment.
Where do we go when this planet's full
Singer-songwriter Writersday plays pop, folk and rock with autobiographical lyrics. Currently he is working on his second album "Desert Songs". This song is the first single taken from the album and got already airplay on Dutch national radio.
All Those Ships
Stuck in your head
All Those Ships is the alt-folk, indie-folk and baroque-pop project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brandon MacNeil from Derry, New Hampshire, United States.
Sparrow is from Tennessee, United States. He describes his project as a punk-pop solo act. He fell in love with entertaining since the age of ten.
Christer Holm
Christer Holm lives in Espoo, Finland. He composes digital music with classic synth sounds of the 80's and 90's, mixed with orchestral elements. This is a track from Christer's upcoming album "Galactic Voyages 2".
Night flight (dance remix)
Composer, arranger and producer Dietmar Zier from Germany started the instrumental pop project SoundCell in 2008. This is pure a studio project, Dietmar doesn't have the ambition to perform live in the future. He released two singles and one album.
Song of the Week
Apryl Evans
Should've been here by now
Apryl Evans is an independent country rock musician from Nashville, Tennessee, US. She released an EP in 2012 and a single in 2014.
RazzMaTazz Music
Each second
RazzMaTazz Music is the project of Pat Sunny Spring from Germany. He started his musical career in 1990 by singing in clubs in New York. Two years ago he had a jazz and swing project (The world's smallest big band), currently he produces dance music.
Morgan Wilson
Love stuck
Indie pop singer-songwriter Morgan Wilson from Kingwood, Texas released a debut EP "Love Stuck" in 2015, a single "Fine" in 2016, is currently in the studio to record her second single and is attending Dallas Baptist University as a music major.
LaWanda Lee
LaWanda Lee grew up in Michigan, US, in a musically talented family and started with singing in different choirs. In her early adult years she decided to make music professionally. After releasing two singles she released a debut album "1st Born".
Sim Sibanda
Sim Sibanda is a pop musician from Johannesburg, the biggest city of South Africa. This song is written by Sim Sibanda and Tim Sonnefeld.
Heidi McCaffrey
Blue is the sky
London based country singer-songwriter and a cabaret artist Heidi McCaffrey records and performs solo and with her band. Some years ago she frequently played on cruise liners. Heidi released one album, titled "Come On In'.
Miltos Marathon
Smoke from the chimney
Miltos Marathon is the project of Miltiadis Chalkidis from Larisa, Greece. He recorded several independently produced albums and played live regularly. This song is from his album "Greek Fill". He made a video for it, which you can find on YouTube.
Usually I don't play the same artists too often, I like to wait a few weeks before playing a song from the same artist or band. But today I will play two artists I have played in the last two weeks because they sent me tracks from their next albums. You will also hear a newcomer from Tennessee who joined TalentCast last week, and of course I will play our new Song of the Week winner and much more attractive independent music. I will start close to home in Belgium, with a song in the Dutch language.
Song of the Week
Apryl Evans
Should've Been Here By Now
Nashville (Tennessee) based, independent musician Apryl Evans not only plays her original country rock songs when she performs, she also likes to entertain her audience by telling stories and by making jokes. Her shows are dynamic and energetic, like a musical roller coaster trip with unexpected turns. Her lyrics are authentic, based on her life experiences and explain who she is.

Apryl Evans released her debut EP, Things You Left Behind in November 2012. The EP was recorded at Blackbird Studio in Nashville. She released a single, titled The Sound of Boots in September 2014. This single was co-written by country artist Jake Arch and produced by Larry Beaird of Beaird Music Group in Nashville.
Charts Mar 3 2017
Apryl Evans
Should've been here by now
Katey Laurel
Thanks for loving me
White Label
The dead don't die
Cris Tanzi
Never over
The ripper
NRG Rising
No longer yours
Gabby Young & Other Animals