Playlist Feb 24 2017
Katey Laurel
Thanks for loving me
Roots-pop singer-songwriter Katey Laurel from Denver, US has a background in classical piano, plays guitar and French horn. She has released four albums and is currently collecting money on Kickstarter for a new six-track EP, titled "Daydream".
Gabby Young & Other Animals
Until Gabby Young from London got inspired by the jazz, she was opera singer. For a long time she recorded and performed together with her nine-piece band. Currently she performs solo and is writing new songs, which will be released later this year.
NRG Rising
No longer yours
Family band NRG Rising is based in Hamilton, New Zealand, was formed in 2009 and consists a mother and daughters. Their music is founded on reggae, blended with indigenous world music and R&B.
Apryl Evans
Should've been here by now
Apryl Evans is an independent musician from Nashville, Tennessee, US. Her music is a mix of country rock, soul and some traces of urban edge, and her lyrics are based on her experiences in life. Apryl is currently planning the release of new music.
Big big world
Writersday is the project of pop, folk and rock singer-songwriter Sjoerd Hoogma from Amsterdam. His lyrics are autobiographical. He is working on his next album "Desert Songs". The first single "Where Do We Go When This Planet's Full" is already out.
Singer-songwriter Tidanomiyuki from Okinawa, Japan accompanies her songs on guitar, piano and an Okinawan traditional instrument, called sanshin. Her career began in 2005 with playing at cafeterias and bars. Two years ago she released a debut album.
Cris Tanzi
Never over
Cris Tanzi started playing in several indie rock bands and continued her career as singer-songwriter. Since 2008 Cris is private teacher and freelance musician, mainly playing jazz.
White Label
The dead don't die
While Label is new to TalentCast. This is the project of blues, folk, rock singer-songwriter and guitarist Bert Frey from Mainz, Germany. In 2014 he released an album, titled "That`s The Way It Is" and produced several music tracks for TV movies.
Magnolian ft. Tselmuun
The bride & the bachelor
Magnolian is the project of indie folk singer-songwriter Dulguun Bayasgalan from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. In 2016 released a debut EP, titled "Famous Men". In March he will perform at SXSW (South By South-West) festival in the United States.
The ripper
The songs of four-piece indie band Hackmonocut from Austria are melancholic, dark and feral, full of irony and social criticism. Their lyrics tell of love, murder and failed politics. The band was formed in 2016, since then they released two albums.
Four-piece indie progressive hard rock band Wyrmwood from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada was formed in 2004.
I don't have the time
Mortice was started by John O'Leary from the UK. Together with Billy Rankin of the band Nazareth he decided to make an album, titled "Mayhem". Also vocalist Bernie Shaw from Uriah Heep contributed to the album as well as guitarist Kenny Cobain.
Song of the Week
Ben B the Brave
Kuva ku isi
Rapper, singer and songwriter Ben B the Brave was born in 1995 in Rwanda.
Alphakraft Communications
Rasta rabbits
Alphakraft Communications is the electronic music project of Mercy Lachlan. He lives in Essen, Germany and started to create music in the 80's already, on a Commodore 64.
Song of the Week
Ben B the Brave
Kuva Ku Isi
Ben B the Brave is the independent music project of rapper, singer-songwriter and lyricist Benjamin Byiringiro, born in 1995 in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. His songs are mainly focused on heart building, love and people. Next to making music, Benjamin is studying Geography at the Rwandan university.
Charts Feb 24 2017
Ben B the Brave
Kuva ku isi
Aly Cook
No phone, no mail, no internet
Christer Holm
The Nebulas of Proxima
Angie Arsenault
Monikker ft. MidW3stBruhh & Tosin Awofeso
The takeover
Dangerous game
Disco (formerly Neale 'Disco' Brown)
Dandini dastana
Leaving Richmond
Life on other planets
Misplaced youth
Crosseyed Miles
Digital western