Playlist Feb 17 2017
Aly Cook
No phone, no mail, no internet
Country singer-songwriter Aly Cook from New Zealand released two albums, reached five times the top 20 of the Australian Country Tracks Top 40, and toured New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the United States.
Crosseyed Miles
Singer-songwriter Greg Polmateer from Rochester, New York started his acoustic rock/pop project Crosseyed Miles in 2013. Already since his childhood he enjoys to write short stories, poems and lyrics.
Jeff Hayman
Singer-songwriter and guitarist Jeff Hayman moved to the Netherlands in 2008. His lyrics range from first loves, the weather, stolen identity to surviving domestic violence. When he performs, he plays original songs as well as covers.
Dandini dastana
Ukrainian project ElectroMush (started in 2013) changes old folk songs into modern electronic music, while maintaining the lyrics in the native language. Next to synthesizers, they use hoses, bags, barrels and other utensils to create their sound.
Misplaced youth
Snippet is the project of indie music maker Johnno Casson from Colchester, UK. At the age of 15 he started to make music, using a tennis racket as guitar. Later he was lead singer in various bands. As solo artist he released five albums and six EPs.
Angie Arsenault
Angie Arsenault from Montreal, Canada has released three completely different albums, two as solo artist, the third one was recorded together with her family. For her second album "Shadow Revelations" Angie produced even a 23-minute short film.
Dangerous game
Electronic music project Curfew was started in 2000 by London based composer and producer Sönke Prigge. Although the project was intended to be a studio project, Curfew has played sereral gigs in and around London as a band.
Monikker ft. MidW3stBruhh & Tosin Awofeso
The takeover
Monikker is a female underground rapper from Austin, Texas. Next to making music, she promotes other rappers in her Blog.
Ben B the Brave
Kuva ku isi
Ben B the Brave is a rapper, singer and songwriter, born in 1995 in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. His lyrics are about heart building, love and advices to the people. Currently Ben B is studying Geography at the university of Rwanda.
Song of the Week
Julie Lamb
Ordinary days
Julie Lamb is an independent musician from Wellington, New Zealand. Her music style is funky blues rock with a seventies vibe. This is the second single taken from her newest album "Ordinary Days", for which she will have a launch party on March 11.
Digital western
Kattern is the project of Michał Borkowski from Poland. He writes that he is not a musician. He tries to create his own music because it takes such an important part of his life. He released his debut album in 2007 and an three-track EP in 2015.
Leaving Richmond
Life on other planets
Los Angeles based Jordan Pier started the ambient, atmospheric rock music project Leaving Richmond in 2007. He creates emotional, electronic instrumental tracks and combines live and electronic instruments.
Christer Holm
The Nebulas of Proxima
Christer Holm (from Espoo, Finland) is an instrumental composer since the late 90s. His styles range from quiet minimalistic pieces to big orchestral arrangements. In 2009 he released a synthesizer-based concept album, titled "Galactic Voyages".
Disco (formerly Neale 'Disco' Brown)
Disco is the funky, jazzy and instrumental disco project of Neale Brown from Manama, Bahrain. He likes a good groove and prefers to create his music on his iPad, while visiting the toilet.
I made a relaxed programme for you this week, with country, singers-songwriters, electronica, rap and some instrumental tracks at the end.

A newcomer from Rwanda joined TalentCast last week, but I will start with something else. An independent country artist from the same continent where I started the programme last week, New Zealand.
Song of the Week
Julie Lamb
Ordinary Days
Julie Lamb and her band are based in Wellington, New Zealand. Their sound is described as funky blues rock with a 70's vibe. Julie is known in the local music scene, because she performs frequently, and promotes other bands and choirs. She also directed several music events.

Julie Lamb released four albums: Most and Least (2008), Trippin' the Light (2012), When we Hang Out (2014) and Ordinary Days (this year). For her latest album she will have a launch party on March 11 in her home town at Mac's Brewbar.
Charts Feb 17 2017
Julie Lamb
Ordinary days
Yossarian Malewski
Anemone dance
Ellie Williams
All these days
Casee Wilson
Scarlet Casanova
Elizabeth Geyer
Goodnight Romeo
Vinny Davis
The Rick Slappos festival