Playlist Feb 10 2017
Julie Lamb
Ordinary days
Julie Lamb is an independent musician from Wellington, New Zealand. Her music style is funky blues rock with a seventies vibe. This is the second single taken from her newest album "Ordinary Days", for which she will have a launch party on March 11.
Ellie Williams
All these days
Singer-songwriter Ellie Williams (from Exeter, UK) released two solo albums, "Unseen" in 2009 and "Hope" in 2012. Nowadays she records and performs as a duo with Dave Ankers. Together they released an album, titled "Osito" in 2016.
La Strange
La Strange is the project of rock singer Angela Castelani from Mantova, Italy. She started singing in local cover bands. Together with her band she released a ten-track album "Queen of Disguise" in 2012 and an EP "Voices" in 2015.
Elizabeth Geyer
Goodnight Romeo
Elizabeth Geyer is from Australia. She describes herself as a late bloomer and making her own music feels for her like finally coming home. She is not only a singer and composer of jazz music, she also plays the piano, trumpet and flugelhorn.
Emma Black
The curlew
Blues and folk musician Emma Black from Wales left home when she was 17, travelled to Amsterdam and bought a second hand guitar. She started with busking and playing in pubs and bars. Later she toured more European countries and released 3 albums.
Turquoise Rose
Better days tonight
Turquoise Rose is the project of Olivia Francis from Texas. In her 20's she played in a country/bluegrass band, in which she was the lead and backup vocalist, and played tambourine. After being singer in another band, she started this solo project.
Casee Wilson
Scarlet Casanova
Singer-songwriter Casee Wilson, from York, UK has released three albums via her own record label "Tiny Cat Records". Her music is inspired by mysteries of the universe and by forces of nature. Next to making music, she enjoys ikido, gin and reading.
Song of the Week
Piet Louter
Written in the stars
Dutch folk/pop singer-songwriter Piet Louter wrote his first songs when he was 15 and has been releasing music already since the 70s. He took a break from music of twenty years and worked as a farmer instead. Now he is back and released two albums.
180º Virvar
We lost a friend to religion who lost a friend to religion
180º Virvar is an electronica/trip-hop band from Copenhagen, Denmark, started in 2004 and described as a creative hybrid between man and machine. Their melodies are melancholic, their lyrics lively describe life. They are recording their third album.
Autumn's Mutt
Autumn's Mutt is the new wave and indie rock project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Michael Chung from Brossard, Canada. In 2012 he released his debut EP "Snowflakes" and in 2015 a full-length debut album "We Are Constellations".
TuneConcept ft. Geson Perry
King list
TuneConcept is the ambient, electronica and alternative pop/rock project of Johan Rajala aka J. Fish from Göteborg, Sweden. His music is produced, recorded and mixed in his home studio and not mastered.
Yossarian Malewski
Anemone dance
Yossarian Malewski's lives in Warsaw, Poland. His music genre ranges from experimental and contemporary classical to classical jazz. Next to being a composer and musician he is filmmaker and storyteller.
Chabliz is a four-piece band from the Netherlands, fronted by Petra de Winter who has a four octave vocal range. They describe their genre as pop-noir and have released two albums which got many good press reviews in Dutch and international media.
Vinny Davis
The Rick Slappos festival
Vinny Davis is a self taught independent musician, based in New York. He writes that he has quite an unconventional approach to making records and released already twelve albums via his own record label VDM/Unusual Spreads.
Sasho Janevski Richy Project
From east to the west
Sasho Janevski Richy Project is an industrial, electronica and gothic project from Stjørdal, Norway.
Two weeks ago I played quite some less mainstream-sounding music, and I'm happy that our listeners appreciated it! I will do it again, today during the second half of the programme.

Today's music will be quite relaxed and in about 20 minutes I will play a newcomer who joined TalentCast last week.

Last week's voting was nice and brought us a winning song from The Netherlands. Somewhere halfway though the programme you will hear who is the winner.

I will start far from home, in New Zealand. I played a song by this independent musician recently, but she has just released a second single from her new album.
Song of the Week
Piet Louter
Written In The Stars
Piet Louter is a folk and pop singer-songwriter from Kolhorn, the Netherlands, born in 1953. He started writing songs at the age of 15, was a singer and guitar player in several cover bands and released his debut single in 1977. After being in music for ten years, he took a break and worked as a farmer.

At the farm Piet earned enough for a living for the rest of his live, and after 20 years he went back to music again. He discovered the possibilities of digital recording, started to write new songs and released two albums.

In 2012 Piet Louter released Footprints In The Sand, an album filled with lyrics about his vision on important subjects in life. like religion, power, people and death. In 2015 he released his second album The Fair Story, an album with personal stories. He released Footprints In The Sand again in 2016, because he was unhappy with the sound mix of the 2012 release.
Charts Feb 10 2017
Piet Louter
Written in the stars
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila
2nd tale (The child)
Hey DJ!
Electric Fence
(I don't wanna) Think twice
Benny Mayhem
Bulwer street waltz
Saint Nicholas Orchestra (Orkiestra Świętego Mikołaja)
Tam pod borem (live)
Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band
Hurricane wind