Playlist Feb 3 2017
Saint Nicholas Orchestra (Orkiestra Świętego Mikołaja)
Tam pod borem (live)
Polish folklore band Saint Nicholas Orchestra (Orkiestra Świętego Mikołaja) was formed in 1988, at a time when there was hardly any interest for traditional folk music. Times have changed, and they are now one of the best known folk bands in Poland.
La gran victoria sobre la muerte
Radaid is an indie world music/fusion group from Guadalajara, Mexico, formed in 1998. They mix genres such as rock, trip hop and post rock, and merge instruments and music from countries like India, China, Middle East, Mexico, Africa and the Balkans.
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila
2nd tale (The child)
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila is a five-piece independent band from Italy. Their genre is a fusion of the music styles they like to listen to, like Mexican roots, Latin, rock and blues. In 2012 the was awarded Best New Act at Pistoia Blues.
Son of Theia
My moon
Son of Theia is the project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Evgheni Floca from Chisinau, Moldova. He started this alternative/indie rock project in 2015. Since then he released a single "Lighthouse", an EP "Caged Birds"and two videos.
Pure Dead Brilliant
Shifting moon
Pure Dead Brilliant is a four-piece alternative rock band from Scotland, UK. The band was formed in 2008. Since then they have released one album, "Latter Day Fairytale" and won the "April 2016 music award" in Los Angeles.
Arda & The Stolen Moon
Grandma's minute
Arda & The Stolen Moon is the project of Arda G from Cyprus. She started her career with playing in small clubs, accompanying herself on guitar. Nowadays she performs and records with a band. Last year she released a debut album "Minutes Into Years".
Piet Louter
Written in the stars
Piet Louter is a folk/pop singer-songwriter from Kolhorn, the Netherlands. He wrote his first song at the age of 15 and released his first single at EMI in 1977. After a break of twenty years he recorded two albums, both released independently.
Song of the Week
Silence in Utopia
Wildcat from Göttingen, Germany describes her music as mysterious, sensual, dreamy, melancholic and fragile. In 2011 she released her debut album "Desolate Enigma", which was funded by her fans via a crowdfunding website.
Benny Mayhem
Bulwer street waltz
Benny Mayhem from the west coast of Australia started in music with playing in a punk band for some years. Nowadays he plays solo, as a folk-punk troubadour, as well as with his new folk/punk rock band, and has performed already more than 500 times.
The Symptoms
The Symptoms (the duo of Mr. and Mrs. Symptom from Lunedale, the UK) describe their genre as punk, argumentative and experimental. In 2001 they changed their cow shed into a studio. They are still going strong, releasing new songs and performing.
Electric Fence
(I don't wanna) Think twice
The Romanian project Electric Fence firstly was named RAZA by initiators Elena Vasile and David Ciente. In 2010 they changed the name, the music style and expanded to a five piece band. Since then the band got known and got a lot airplay in Romania.
Hey DJ!
Kontrust is an Austrian six-piece crossover band. They started in 2001, released a first album in 2005, but their international success began in 2009, after the release of their second album. Their single "Bomba" became a hit on Dutch national radio.
This Awkward Moment
This Awkward Moment is a four-piece post-grunge rock band from Idaho, US. They fuse rock and rap into a positive message and frequently play shows for charities and benefits. In June 2016 they released their debut EP, "Crawling out of the Canyon".
Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band
Hurricane wind
This project was started in 2002 by guitarist and bass player Brad Curtis and a few of his friends. He explains the name The SOME x 6 Band, the band sometimes has six members. This year they will release a fourth album, titled "Like A Sonic Gypsy".
Free market music
The independent rap and rock band IdiotHead from Wrocław, Poland is the continuation of the band CO.IN. It's not their aim to meet the expectations of the majority, sometimes their songs meets with pop, other times their songs are full of aggression.
Today the programme has divided itself into two parts. In the first part I will play relaxed independent music, like folk, fusion, rock ballads and singer-songwriters. The second part will be much less peaceful. There I will play genres like classic rock, hard rock and techno.

I start with one of the best known folk bands from Poland. Perhaps our regular listeners can guess already which band that might be.
Song of the Week
Silence In Utopia
Wildcat is the electronic music project of Tanja Wiles is from Göttingen, Germany. Her music is described as mysterious, sensual, dreamy, melancholic and fragile.

Wildcat released her debut album Desolate Enigma in 2011. The album was funded via crowdfunding and recorded at the Wellencocktail Studio in Hamburg.
Charts Feb 3 2017
Silence in Utopia
Charlotte Bridge
Now, now
тело (Body)
Julia Marcell
Wiecej niz Google
Lady Haidee
Cathy Shannon
Mannequin boy
Kalpea valo (Pale light)
Lady Citizen
Endless exotica
The Esoteric Gender
Pretty muted blue
Waltz for Stew