Playlist Jan 27 2017
Cathy Shannon
Mannequin boy
Singer-songwriter Cathy Shannon (the Hague, the Netherlands) is half Irish, half Indonesian and was born in Saudi Arabia. Her songs are based on real events and inspired by folk musicians. Her lyrics vary from funny to stories that stir the soul.
Waltz for Stew
Tidanomiyuki from Okinawa, Japan (born in 1986) writes her own songs, sings, plays the guitar, piano and sanshin, an Okinawan traditional instrument. About 12 years ago she started to play in local bars in Tokyo. She released her debut album in 2015.
Kalpea valo (Pale light)
All members of the Finnish folk music quartet Kardemimmit sing and play a traditional instrument from their home country, the kantele. The band was started in Espoo in 1999 at the musical institute Juvenalia and toured in Europe, America and Japan.
Mary Confurius
Mary Confurius (from the Netherlands) is a singer-songwriter, plays the guitar and records in her home studio. Her lyrics are very intimate and personal, they vary from dark to light. In 2013 she released her seven-track debut EP, titled "The Other".
Charlotte Bridge
Now, now
Charlotte Bridge was born in 1987 in Italy. She started writing songs at the age of twelve, learned to play the guitar and synthesizers, and has played in different bands. Three years ago she moved to Luxembourg and started this solo-project.
Julia Marcell
Wiecej niz Google
Julia Marcell was born in Poland and at the moment she lives in Berlin, Germany. She blends quite many different genres, but her songs don't wander too far from pop music. Her songs are sometimes a bit dark, but her other songs will lift you up.
The Esoteric Gender
Pretty muted blue
The Esoteric Gender started in 2007 as a trip-rock duo of friends who met each other at the university of Iceland. In 2009 this project grew to a four-piece band with a drummer and guitarist. The band is not active any more since two members left.
Song of the Week
Infinitus Mortus
Unhappily ever after (classical version)
Stephen Megna from New Jersey started his symphonic metal project Infinitus Mortus in 2008. He plays drum, guitar, keyboard, is composer and records his own music. He has released three albums so far, This track is on his latest, "Transmutations".
Lady Haidee
Lady Haidee is an indie solo-project from London, started 2005. She describes her music style as visual, alternative, new wave and experimental. Her debut album "Feral" was funded by her fans via crowdfunding and released in August 2009.
Silence in Utopia
Wildcat from Göttingen, Germany describes her music as mysterious, sensual, dreamy, melancholic and fragile. In 2011 she released her debut album "Desolate Enigma", which was funded by her fans via a crowdfunding website.
Howling Owl
Song for the Arctic wolf
Evija Vēbere from Latvia and Lav Kovač from Serbia started Howling Owl in 2015 when both studied in Groningen (NL). This young duo is promising and played already on big festivals like The Great Escape", Liverpool Sound City and Positivus (Latvia).
тело (Body)
Russian sextet Ill!noiz (иллинойз) was formed in 2007. After a year of rehearsals, they played their first concert at the Moscow Rock Festival. The next year they released their first album. They continued touring and released a second album in 2013.
Lady Citizen
Endless exotica
Lady Citizen is the electronica, bass and club music project of DJ/producer Jun Fukanaga from Japan. She started at the dance scene of Kyoto and continued her career in London since 2011. She is still going strong, releasing new music and performing.
I don't play much mainstream-sounding music in TalentCast. Today I am going to play even more unusual songs than usual, and one-third of these are in another language than English. If you are open to musical discoveries, this week's edition of TalentCast is especially for you.

You will also hear two artists who are new to TalentCast. One is from Luxembourg and the other lives in Japan.

I will start with a song from my home country, this is a singer-songwriter who lives in the Hague.
Song of the Week
Infinitus Mortus
Unhappily Ever After
Infinitus Mortus is the symphonic metal project of Stephen, aka Stoki Megtooth from New Jersey. He is a drummer, guitarist and keyboardist, and has played in several local bands before he went solo. He started this project about nine years ago, because he was longing for musical freedom and because he wanted to compose his own songs.

In 2010 Infinitus Mortus released his debut album, titled 2012. followed by a second album The Conspiracy of Love in the next year. This week's Song of the Week is on his Stephen's third and latest album Transmutations, which was released last autumn.
Charts Jan 27 2017
Infinitus Mortus
Unhappily ever after (classical version)
Julie Lamb
Bleeding numbers
Lee-Leet ft. Josh Harris
Nie zostawiaj mnie
Alex Highton
I left the city
Evija Vēbere
Pixies dance
Martin Del Carpio
Let the right one in