Playlist Jan 20 2017
Julie Lamb
Bleeding numbers
Julie Lamb is an independent musician from Wellington, New Zealand who records and plays with her band. She has released three albums and on March 11 she will release the fourth. She describes her music as funky blues rock with a seventies vibe.
David Folsom ft. Mason Douglas
It's alright
David Folsom was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. At the age of 13 he moved to Nashville. When he was 10 he started to compose songs for trumpet and piano. He is a self-taught guitarist, released his debut single in 1987 and produced 7 albums.
Heidi McCaffrey
The way it used to be
Country singer-songwriter and a cabaret artist Heidi McCaffrey is from London. She records and performs solo and with her band. Her debut single is titled. "What Ever Happened To My Angel" and her debut album is titled "Come On In" and in 2013.
Alex Highton
I left the city
Alex Highton grew up in Liverpool and Florence, because his parents are divorced. Nowadays he lives in Liverpool. His dad has a big record collection and this is how his interest for music started. Just in his twenties Alex started to write songs.
Darren J Claxton
Slowed by notes
Darren J Claxton was born in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire and lives in Belper, Derbyshire, UK. His musical career started as a drummer at the age of 9. He played his first gig when he was 11 years old and learned to play the guitar at the age of 15.
Song of the Week
Lori Greco
Running back
Until the age of three Lori Greco lived just out of Naples in Italy. Then she moved to Australia. At seven her interest for music started and the same year she took piano lessons in classical music. After majoring in piano Lori started performing.
Lee-Leet ft. Josh Harris
Nie zostawiaj mnie
Lee-Leet is a Polish independent artist from Warsaw who produces and publishes her own music, and accompanies herself on the piano. Her third album "Leave It Behind". promotion and a European tour where funded by her fans on a crowdfunding platform.
Don't come back
R&B artist IreneB from Barcelona in Spain has been studying music since the age of 6. When she was in her twenties she released her debut EP "Mi Realidad", three years later her debut album "Metamorphosis". Her latest album is titled "Welcome Back".
Alex Ganassini
New religion
Alex Ganassini is an indie singer, musician and songwriter from Italy. The genre of his music is a mix of Gothic, rock, progressive and alternative. Alex has released three albums so far and this spring the can expect his fourth, titled "Fake".
Instead of Ink
Instead of Ink started as a band in 2004. From 2009 this project is the indie rock and electronica duo of Cedric Lesquir and Keven Beneke from Quebec in Canada. Since then Cedric and Keven have released three albums.
Evija Vēbere
Pixies dance
On a Latvian Jazz summer camp Evija Vēbere discovered her passion for improvisation. While studying in the Netherlands, she formed a band with some study mates and released an album "Dream Whispers". Currently she has another project, "Howling Owl".
Martin Del Carpio
Let the right one in
Electronic music composer Martin Del Carpio is from New York and has released six albums. He prefers to work always together with a music producer, instead of recording on his own. This makes him feel more confident.
Infinitus Mortus
Unhappily ever after (classical version)
Stephen Megna from New Jersey started his symphonic metal project Infinitus Mortus in 2008. He plays drums, guitars and is keyboardist. He is sound engineer, records his own music, is a composer and works together with varying singers.
Chasing Antics
Marching forward
Chasing Antics is the solo-project of Alwyn van Deventer from South Africa. He tries not to make commercial and trending music, but prefers to experiment with sounds. He doesn't make danceable music, but tries to make music that is easy to listen to.
The music styles differ a lot today and vary from singer-songwriter, country, jazz, funk to improvisation, rock and electronic.

No newcomers this time. Although three musicians joined last week, we didn't have their music at the moment of recording. Gladly we still have some new very good indie music from artists we have played before, so no reason not to tune in again.

We start with a brand new funky song from a New Zealand artist.
Song of the Week
Lori Greco
Running Back
Lori Greco is an independent musician from Perth, Western Australia, born in Vico Equense, Italy. She is a singer-songwriter and classically trained pianist. The genre of her music is easy listening and pop.

She started to play the piano at the age of seven. This was also the moment she fell in love with music. She studied at The Elder Conservatorium of Music in Adelaide. Next to her studies, she performed in piano bars and restaurants.

In 2006 Lori Greco released her first single, titled Australia. The single got quite some airplay, led to many performances and the release of her twelve-track debut album Waiting in 2007. She kept writing songs which led to the release of her second album No Ordinary Girl in 2013. This time her album was crowdfunded by 412 fans from all around the world.
Charts Jan 20 2017
Lori Greco
Running back
Merlot Embargo
Head above the water
Ophelia Syndrome
The hope
Franka De Mille
You'll never know
Miltos Marathon
Greek feel
The Flowered Gnomes
Back to me
Day of my life