Playlist Jan 13 2017
Franka De Mille
You'll never know
Franka De Mille is a London based singer-songwriter and composer. Her genre is a blend of Americana, chamber music and alternative folk. Her lyrics are deeply personal. In 2010 she has released her beautiful debut album, titled "Bridge the Roads".
Merlot Embargo
Head above the water
Merlot Embargo is the independent pop duo of Scarlet and Geoff from LA. They compose, produce and record in their home studio. Their music is soulful and groovy. To complete their sound, they recruited a bassist, drummer and two video game composers.
Lori Greco
Running back
Lori Greco is an indie musician, singer and songwriter, born in Italy, living in Australia since the age of three. She discovered the piano at the age of seven and took lessons in classical music. Later she started to play pop music and to sing.
Lucia Lilikoi
Eyes to sea
Lucia Lilikoi was born in Sevilla, Spain and lives in Los Angeles. She attended Real Musical Conservatory in Madrid as pianist. Later she attended Berklee College of Music in Boston as a vocalist for jazz and contemporary studies.
Suzanne Aurore
Les géraniums
Singer-songwriter Suzanne Aurore started to perform with her friend and guitarist Levent Dinç in 2004. Later this duo grew out till a eight-piece band. In 2013 she started her solo project and made a self-produced debut album, titled "Le Torrent".
Southbound train
VanderLinde is the pop, country and Americana project of Arjan Vanderlinde from Groningen, the Netherlands. He is a bassist, guitarist, lead vocalist and songwriter and he surrounds himself with other musicians when he records and when he plays live.
Day of my life
Vero is the project of Vero Shatkovskey from Bydgoszcz, Poland. When she was six years old, she started to sing. Later she learned to play the guitar. In the Italian language Vero means truth, that's why she feels obliged to be the truth, authentic.
The Italian trip-hop band Amycanbe started in 2002 as the duo of Marco and Mattia. In 2005 they grew out till a four-piece band. Currently the band is playing quite some shows in their home country to promote their third and latest album, "Wolf".
Ophelia Syndrome
The hope
The four piece indie band Ophelia Syndrome from Canada was formed in 2002. Their genre is a blend of jazz, folk, roots, funk, soul, R&B, classic and contemporary rock. The band released one EP and two full-length albums, both funded by their fans.
Song of the Week
Tussen de druppels
Andrés&delange is a duo from Belgium, almost 40 years old, looking back to the rich life behind and writing songs about that. Their songs, accompanied on a piano and two old synthesizers, are contrarian, dark, melancholic with sensitive lyrics.
The Flowered Gnomes
Back to me
The Flowered Gnomes is a four-piece indie band from New York City, formed in 2014. Their genres range from rock, pop, country to metal and blues, but mostly the band likes to play classic rock'n'roll. So far they have released three albums.
Miltos Marathon
Greek feel
Miltos Marathon is the project of Miltiadis Chalkidis from Larisa, Greece. He started showing interest in music at a very young age and got his first guitar lessons at the age of eleven. Shortly after, Miltiadis started to write his first songs.
Indie rock band Allside from Szczecin, Poland fell apart some years ago. Paul Marcinkiewicz and Rafał Daroszewski decided to continue Allside and to seek for new musicians. They succeeded, found a new drummer and bassist and are playing shows again.
In this programme I will play you some artists I really enjoy, two newcomers (a four-piece band from New York City and a singer-songwriter from Greece), the new Song of the Week (for the first time a song in the Dutch language) and more good independent music.
Song of the Week
Tussen De Druppels
Andrés&delange is the duo of Jeroen De Vliegher and Andrés Ambrogio from Belgium, almost 40 years old, looking back to the rich life behind and writing songs about that. Their songs are contrarian, dark, melancholic with sensitive lyrics. They accompany their songs on a piano and two old synthesizers.

Delange (Jeroen De Vliegher) was the singer of the bands Nunan and Dirty Vicky, Andrés the sound engineer. Now Andrés also wants to be on the stage. Perhaps you recognize the name Dirty Vicky, because I played this five-piece Belgian rock band several times in TalentCast some years ago.

In October 2016 Andrés&delange released their debut LP. In April they will release their album Hendrik wou een Zeeman zijn.
Charts Jan 13 2017
Tussen de druppels
Frozen love
Gisel de Marco
Sweet condemnation
Rosa Sky
Sarah's Blue Dress
A livingroom life
The Imaginary Suitcase
Ampia Vista
Happy home
June Caravel
Boogie-woogie style
This Flight Tonight
Nothing but tears