Playlist Jan 6 2017
Laïxa, the duo of singer Paméla and instrumentalist Chris from France makes indie rock and pop music. They also frequently produce jingles for radio stations and radio programmes like BBC radio 2 and TalentCast.
Sarah's Blue Dress
A livingroom life
Sarah's Blue Dress is a five-piece indie pop, jazz, alternative and rock band from Tilburg, the Netherlands. Sadly lead singer Joyce Dijkgraaf is not among us any more. She passed away at the age of 30, following a car accident in autumn 2015.
Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter JoosTVD (which stands for Joos(t) The Vanished Dutchman) started his musical career as a drummer in several bands. Nowadays Joost has his own project, records in his home studio and has released 11 albums.
June Caravel
Boogie-woogie style
June Caravel is a singer-songwriter from Paris, France. She likes to compose music in different genres. Her debut album was a mix of jazz, soul and pop. June's second album was completely a cappella and her latest album was in the rock'n'roll style.
Kathy Bloom
All I ask is stay with me
Kathy Bloom is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands, who started her musical career with performing in talent shows. In 2003 she participated the pre-selection of the Eurovision Song Contest, which brought her a record deal with Nash Music label.
Song of the Week
Rebecca Hosking
The other side of good
Country singer-songwriter Rebecca Hosking is from Nashville. She has released five albums via her own record label LoveLloyd Music. Currently she is touring to promote her latest album "Safe Haven". Next to being musician Rebecca is freelance writer.
Life's reflections
Country musician Shavonne (comes from Australia, lives in New Zealand) grew up in a musical family. She listened to many different genres, but traditional country appeals to her the most. In 2016 she has released a debut album "My Own Peculiar Way".
Gisel de Marco
Sweet condemnation
Gisel de Marco was born in Rosario, Argentina. She discovered her love for singing while performing a cover of Mariah Carey at a Karaoke bar. She made a home recorded album at the age of 10. In 2010 she released a professional album "All The Way".
Tussen de druppels
Andrés&delange is a duo from Belgium, almost 40 years old, looking back to the rich life behind and writing songs about that. Their songs, accompanied on a piano and two old synthesizers, are contrarian, dark, melancholic with sensitive lyrics.
The Imaginary Suitcase
The Imaginary Suitcase is the project of singer and guitarist Laurent Leemans from Belgium. Before he went solo, he played in the bands Chancelier Rolin and Ceilí Moss. His voice is deep and versatile. His songs are soulful and melodic.
Frozen love
Australian alternative blues and rock band Moscato started as a regular jam session between Jo and Adrian. Jo took the initiative to record an EP together with local musicians, meanwhile sax player Erin joined. Kerin and Kristen completed the band.
Rosa Sky
Five-piece Dutch band Rosa Sky was formed in 2007 by singer/bluesharp player Nicole Schouten and guitarist/songwriter Ben Jasink. Later Henk Mellema, René Holthuis and Marleen Santen joined. The lyrics are little stories, based on their experiences.
Ampia Vista
Happy home
Ampia Vista is the project of a guitarist from Italy, who has been making music for quite a while. Because he uses digital multi-tracking, you can get the impression that you are listening to a band. His genre varies from pop to more complex rock.
KEPLER Junction
Hard lesson to learn
KEPLER Junction is the duo of vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Graham, and guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, drummer and percussionist Kevin from the UK. They met each other at a party in 2012. Since then they compose music for radio, TV and film.
This Flight Tonight
Nothing but tears
This Flight Tonight is a dynamic rock project from Auckland, New Zealand, managed by song writer and vocalist Ralph Warren Engle. He has released several EPs together with varying international guest musicians and co-songwriters.
This is the first programme for 2017. We wish you all a good, healthy and of course musical 2017. We wish our artists also a lot of inspiration for new music and songs.

I start the new year with a programme, solely filled with relaxed music, quite many artists are from the Netherlands and two of the songs are in the Dutch language. I will play one TalentCast newcomer, quite a few new songs we have received recently and some album tracks. In less than 20 minutes I will play this week's Song of the Week winner.
Song of the Week
Rebecca Hosking
The Other Side of Good
Country roots singer-songwriter Rebecca Hosking is from Nashville, Tennessee. As indie artist she is responsible for her own bookings, promotions and distribution. Her music is spread via her own record label LoveLloyd Music.

Rebecca Hosking has released five albums already. Currently she is touring the US and UK to promote her latest release Safe Haven.

Facebook page of Rebecca Hosking
Charts Jan 6 2017
Rebecca Hosking
The other side of good
Clive Barratt
Sylvain Moraillon
Things of love
The Crocked Monsieurs
Pictures of you (2016 release)
Katie Thompson
Wilder weather
The bird's courting song
Inge Maria
Your choice
Time to make it
Sylvain Zebo
Etrange etranger