Playlist Dec 30 2016
The bird's courting song
ElectroMush is an an electronic fusion world music project from Ukraine, started in 2013. It combines old folk songs, but without using ethnic instruments. The sound is created by unusual pieces like hoses, plastic bags, barrels and circular saws.
Magic dance
The three piece pop/rock band Bonnie from Montevideo, Uruguay was started in March 2007 by a group of old friends who got together to make music. They have released one single, one EP, a self titled debut album and an album, titled "Heart And Soul".
Efjharistó Póli (Aáh!!!)
Feñez is the solo project of Feñez León from Valparaíso, Chile. He was the front man, founder, author and composer of Keko Yoma from 2004 until 2015. He blends music with clowning and has toured Europe several times together with Keko Yoma.
Rebecca Hosking
The other side of good
Rebecca Hosking is a country singer-songwriter from Nashville. She has recorded five studio albums, all released via her independent record label "LoveLloyd Music". She is a columnist for Skope magazine and member of the Woman's Music Business Assoc.
Katie Thompson
Wilder weather
Katie Thompson is a country singer-songwriter, based in Christchurch, New Zealand. She has released two albums, one live EP, opened for Elton John in 2011 and was finalist for Female Artist of the Year at the 2012 New Zealand Country Music Awards.
Inge Maria
Your choice
Inge Maria is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. She learned to play the piano and guitar at the age of 15. She started with singing lessons when she was 19. Then she started to write her own songs, recorded some demos and released two albums.
Up in California
Writersday is the solo project of pop, folk and rock singer-songwriter Sjoerd Hoogma from Amsterdam. He records in his analogue studio, released his debut album "Picking Flowers On The Moon" in 2016 and is recording his second album right now.
Sylvain Moraillon
Things of love
Sylvain Moraillon is an indie singer-songwriter and producer from Paris. He worked as stage sound engineer and lyrics writer for several artists. He started a music school in 2007. In 2012 he started a musical and media production company.
Sylvain Zebo
Etrange etranger
Sylvain Zebo comes from Madagascar and lives in Paris. As teenager he learned to play the guitar and played in blues and rock bands. He started with playing covers. later he composed his own songs. In his 30s Sylvain took piano and singing lessons.
Clive Barratt
Clive Barratt originally comes from Blackburn, Lancashire, England, nowadays he lives near Vancouver, BC, Canada. He got his first guitar at the age of 12 and started writing songs when he was 16. In 2014 he released his debut album "Wall of Storms".
The Crocked Monsieurs
Pictures of you (2016 release)
The Crocked Monsieurs is the south London based duo of songwriters and producers Chris Howard and Colin Batters. Both were chatting about how nobody writes music for the over 35s and decided to start writing an album especially for an older audience.
Song of the Week
Gayle Skidmore
Singer-songwriter Gayle Skidmore started writing songs at the age of 8, has written over 2000 songs and can play over 20 instruments. She has never experienced a writer's block and is always busy learning a new instrument, singing or writing lyrics.
This Awkward Moment
This Awkward Moment is a four-piece post-grunge rock band from Idaho, United States. The band fuses rock and rap into a positive message and often plays shows for charities and benefits. They have released one EP, titled "Crawling out of the Canyon".
Hate is the cure
Psychopigs are an indie five-piece punk, hardcore, metal, rock and fun band from Galway, Ireland, formed in 2008. Since then the lineup has changed several times. In 2012 they released their debut album and currently they are working on their second.
Time to make it
Nemesea is an independent alternative rock band from Groningen, the Netherlands. This summer lead singer Manda Ophuis left the band. Hendrik Jan, Sonny and Steven will continue Nemesea and will announce a new lead singer at the beginning of 2017.
Just one day and a half to go in 2016, so this is the last edition of TalentCast for this year. Today I will play two newcomers to TalentCast (one from Ukraine and one from Idaho, US), some album tracks and more interesting independent music. The music styles vary a lot this week. I will play easy listening, singer-songwriter, folk, country, rock, pop, some punk and more.

Because I was ill last week, there was no programme. Today you will hear who won the Song of the Week voting two weeks ago.

We wish you a nice New Year's Eve and a musical 2017.
Song of the Week
Gayle Skidmore started writing songs at the age of eight. Since then she has written over 2,000 songs. She is a seven-time San Diego Music Award nominee and won won Best Pop in the 2015 San Diego Music Awards, Best Pop Album for Sleeping Bear in 2014, and Best Singer-Songwriter in 2013. She is classically trained on the piano from the age of four and plays over twenty other instruments, including the mountain dulcimer, banjo, folk harp and balalaika.

Gayle Skidmore's second full-length album Sleeping Bear came together with a colouring book. It was mastered by Grammy winner Gavin Lurssen, written entirely by herself and features a ten-piece string section orchestrated by her and Chris Fulford-Brown of Singing Serpent. In the spring of 2017, she will release her first full length vinyl album, also together with a colouring book. This will be the twentieth independent release via her own record label Raincoat Records.
Charts Dec 30 2016
Gayle Skidmore
Apryl Evans
Stripped down
Christer Holm
The islands of Ixion
Yossarian Malewski
IKB foam
Trinity Yard